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Velleman K8200 3D Printer Kit

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  • A build it yourself 3D printer so you can turn your ideas, designs and prototypes into a 3D reality
  • Full step-by-step instructions available online to take you through the build process
  • The printer works by layering plastic to form a solid object
  • Exempt from vouchers

Product details

Velleman K8200 3D Printer Kit

• A build it yourself 3D printer so you can turn your ideas, designs and prototypes into a 3D reality
• Full step-by-step instructions available online to take you through the build process
• The printer works by layering plastic to form a solid object
• Works with PLA & ABS filament
• Print size of 20x20x20cm
• Printing resolution (layers): 0.20 - 0.25mm

What’s The Velleman K8200 3D Printer?

It’s a build it yourself 3D printer kit that allows you turn your ideas and designs into real stuff you can hold, like toys, product prototypes, and replacement parts. There are full step-by-step instructions available online to take you through the build process which will take several hours depending on your level of competency. All the tools required to complete the build are available from Maplin if you don't have them already. Our technical support team who have built a K8200 3D Printer themselves are available over phone to ensure you can get up and running.

How Does it Work?

The printer layers up the plastic to form a solid object. It melts plastic filament, then draws with it in a very fine layer. It then builds another layer of plastic on top, then another, and another, building your design in levels from the bottom up until you have a plastic object ready to hold and use.

How Long Does It Take To Print?

This of course depends on how large and complex your idea is. To give you a baseline, to print a smartphone case would take about 30 minutes.

What Can I Make?

The only limit to what you can create is the size of the K8200 print area which is 20x20x20cm. That’s the beauty of the printer, if you can imagine it and build a 3D design (with free software) you can print it! You can make prototype products, components to hack adapt your home, toys, handles, phone cases, chess pieces, models and almost anything you can imagine.

All prints start out as a 3D computer design and are then printed out by the K8200, just download the Repetier software to get started creating the CAD (computer aided design) drawings that you can then print straight out. Alternatively there is a vibrant online community of 3D Printer owners that are uploading and sharing designs for use on your 3D Printer at home.

What Colours Can I Use?

The Velleman K8200 must be used with Velleman cartridges of either PLA or ABS 3mm filament that come in 1KG reels in the following colours:

• Black PLA & ABS available
• White PLA & ABS available
• Green PLA
• Orange PLA
• Pink PLA
• Red PLA
• Blue PLA
• Yellow PLA

You can use one colour at a time while printing. If you want your creation to be multicoloured, you can print it in separate pieces and attach them together later. You can’t swap the cartridge in the middle of a print. The printer comes with 5m of Black PLA for testing but we recommend that all customers purchase at least one 1KG reel so that you have enough PLA to print the casing parts as soon as you get up and running.

The printer requires a computer (MAC, WIN or LINUX) and an internet connection to access the online manual and building instructions.

Tools Required for Assembly

Combination Snap Ring Pliers
Allen Keys 1.5-6mm
30W Soldering Iron - Mains Powered
Lead-Free Solder
2-Piece Screwdriver Set
Snip Cutter
Domestic Multimeter
Electronic Digital Caliper
5 Metre Tape Measure
ESD Long Nose Pliers
10-Piece Stubby Combination Spanner Set
5-Piece Engineers File Set
AA Tweezers
Isopropyl Alcohol
Cloverleaf Mains Lead

Nominal mechanical resolution:

• X and Y: 0.015 mm (smallest step the printing plate can move in the X and Y direction)
• Z: 0.781 µm (smallest step the printing plate can move in the Z direction)

Nominal printing resolution:

• Wall thickness (X,Y): 0.5 mm
• Layer thickness (Z) : 0.20 – 0.25 mm


Repetier version 0.84 and up

Width 60cm
Depth 45cm
Height 60cm
Weight 8.7kg (including power supply)
Dimensions of printable area: 20 x 20 x 20 cm
Maximum Print Speed 150 to 300 mm/s (depending on the object to be printed)
Power Supply 12 V / 3 A max.
Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for PLA and ABS
Linear ball bearings 8 and 10mm
N70QR Black PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N71QR Green PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N72QR Natural PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N73QR Orange PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N74QR Pink PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N75QR Red PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N76QR Blue PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N77QR White PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG
N78QR Yellow PLA (3mm Filament) – 1KG


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10 of 10 Reviews

  • Nearly excellent

    Almost an excellent project. The precision of the kit is superb. You need to follow the build procedure one page at a time to receive the first time working printer. The only flaw in the kit is the small drive gear for the filament drive. The this is a plastic gear made of soft plastic. The grub screw did not hold in the threaded hole, needed a larger screw and a hole tap to create a better grip. They do give three extra of these gears in the kit. Would have been better with a metallic gear wheel. Would have been five stars but for this

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  • Velleman 3D Printer

    I did a lot of research before buying this kit to make sure I knew what I was letting myself in for. I'm glad I bought it. I spent a wet Christmas building the printer and took my time. It took me about 3-4 days, about 6 hours per day, to build it. I started by going through every bag to make sure everything was there: 4 circlips were missing but everything else was present and correct. I filled in the Velleman form for the missing circlips but ordered some from elsewhere as well as I wasn't sure how long Velleman would take and they were cheap. It took about 7 days for the missing circlips to arrive from Velleman. I didn't build it in exactly the right order. I decided to start with the hot end as the thermistor assembly and nozzle torque were areas of concern where others had issues. I took great care here and had no problems. My biggest struggle was with something simple - fitting the circlips. My circlip pliers weren't quite big enough to fully open the circlips (I didn't buy the Maplin ones, I got some others). After this, everything went smoothly, and the printer worked first time. To get the best print quality, I had to ensure the bed was flat and level, which wasn't too difficult. Others have suggested putting a glass or mirror tile on the bed but I haven't found this necessary and things seem to stick pretty well. I found the Z-axis motor wobbled a bit, but I just printed a 2.5mm thick piece of plastic and wedged it between the motor and frame and this improved the vertical sides of objects a lot. One area I investigated in particular before purchase was 3D CAD packages. I didn't want to pay a lot (i.e. £0!) and I found FreeCAD was ok for the job, but had some bugs which caused some annoyance. In the end, I used openSCAD successfully which allows you to describe objects with code, rather than a drag-and-drop interface, and this ended up as my tool of choice. In terms of tools, you need almost everything on the list in the instructions. I would include a complete set of metric and imperial allen keys. I got away with a pair of adjustable spanners rather than a set of spanners. Good circlip pliers are a must. I also bought a bottle of isopropyl alcohol to clean the print bed between prints and this was a good investment. Velleman support suggest the hot end is tightened to 3.5 Nm, so you might wish to invest in a torque wrench too. I didn't start by printing the case for the controller board as suggested in the instructions - I started small and found a toy building brick on thingiverse to print. The advantage of this is that I could make use of lots of them and I could try printing small things without using much plastic and see what effect adjusting the many available settings would have on the quality. Actually, in the end I found the default software settings were optimal. The biggest impact on print quality is the distance between the nozzle and the print bed - get this right and ensure the bed is reasonably flat - and it should work ok. I'm an electronic engineer and I design electronic products, am very competent at soldering, prototyping, problem solving and writing software and didn't find this very difficult. Out of those skills, soldering is probably the main one you need to be good at. Take your time, review the Velleman forums for hints, tips and potential problems beforehand and you should have good success. The hot end is the most difficult bit so I suggest doing this first in case you have to get any replacement bits! I rated it as 4 stars as it works well but was expensive considering you have to build it yourself.

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  • Hardware good, poor linux support

    The online resources say use Repetier version 0.84, they say newer versions incompatible with firmware. This has a bug that stops it creating the config file for Slicer making printing results poor. My postage was three days late, Maplin refunded me. Not their fault, Parcel Force messed it up. Setting up takes a long time but is understandable, 3D printing is still not main stream. This kit is only for the experienced builder, takes two long days and needs some specialist tools and quite a bit of soldering. I really enjoyed building it. Hardware quality feels really good. But for me a Linux user, the software is unusable out of the box. I had to Patch Mono runtime and now have an issue with the software not saving some configuration files. If you never build any kit before, this is not for you. If your hobby is building / hacking hardware stuff, this is the kit for you! :)

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  • Spare parts hard to obtain

    In reality my 1 star review would be 4 for the actual product but the 1 is for Velleman. Let me explain this, and set some expectations as well as some advice. I purchased this unit after a lot of research, and I am glad I did. Like others also stated, it will take some time (around 2-3 days) to put this together and you should take your time to get it right. You have no way of reliably testing anything until you get right to the end, so take your time with the wiring especially. Tools for the job – make sure you have a decent tool kit including lots of very small (M) screw drivers, snips, wire cutters, tape measure and really decent wire strippers. And make sure you have a good soldering iron. A good selection of small sockets and spanners will also help, and make sure you have a good set of Circlip pliers. You will also need a good multi-meter for tuning. When building, ensure you follow each step online. Layout all the components as shown online at each step, so you can quickly determine if you are missing a part, before you begin with the stage. I can’t emphasise this enough. One of the fiddliest parts is when constructing the extruder, where a minuscule thermostat needs to be put into the heating element. THIS IS VERY EASY TO BREAK! I used a USB microscope to place it correctly. This must be done in order to get accurate temperature readings, so definitely not a “good enough” type of job. Do it right to avoid disappointment. When you finally get through all that, you will need to take your time tuning the motor controllers and testing the power mechanisms. When you do all this, you will be ready for your first print. It would be very unusual if you got a great print straight out of the box. This takes some time to get the heating bed completely flat and calibrated properly. Expect to calibrate a few times. The first print test is an outer case for the control board and you will know soon enough if the heating bed is not flat. It needs to be “dead” flat. Stop the print if it is not accurately printing from the very start. Clean off the plastic, readjust and go again. So to this end, make sure you buy a role of plastic – the supplied amount is quite small. When you do actually start to print with the device, it really is a great little unit for what you have paid and the software is simple to use and get going. So why 1 star for Velleman? It would appear that they have come to market with a great product, but an entirely under prepared spare/replacement parts department. It won’t be unusual for you to be missing parts – just pray that they are minor and that you can source them yourself. The support statement from Velleman says 10 days to process spare/missing parts – but on two occasion now, I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for parts to come back. You need to send stuff to Belgium and wait for them to be returned. Please also be aware that is not Velleman. It is a company called ESR that are a supplier and have no control over shipping parts either. You may not think all this is something to worry about, but after spending a few days building this kit, you will be entirely disappointed if you cannot use it because you are waiting for parts for weeks to fix it. Have fun.

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  • Read through the instructions to see what you're letting yourself in for. Quite easy mechanical build, but lots of soldering to wire it up and a couple of tiny components. Had a couple of missing parts, but only washers and the plastic spacers to mount the board so replacements easy to source. Exact amount of heatshrink is supplied so check size and lengths carefully. Maplin toolkit could do with smaller size spanners - smallest supplied was 10mm, too big for M4 and M5 nuts. You also need smaller screwdrivers and a pot trimmer would be handy for adjusting motor drivers. Fun to make and it all worked first time. Mac software works (at least on Mountain Lion) but instructions are for Windows version and Mac layout is slightly different but you can figure it out by reading the manual.

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  • Started off building it OK, but got to the frame-carrying stage & found I was one of the stainless steel transport bars missing. I used the 'missing parts' link on Vellemans website, got an e-mail saying it was sent out on the 20th Sep from their warehouse, but it still hasn't arrived, & I cannot get on building my printer until it does, so I am stuck, & not very happy.

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  • As others have stated, a fair amount of work to put it together (took me 3 days) it does give you a great advantage in having put it together, you know exactly how it works. Read the instructions carefully especially where it tells you to put in extra nuts or bolts for later, I didn't pay attention and ended up dismantling large amounts to put things right. Follow the instuctions and you can't go wrong but make sure you look at the news page on the velleman site to catch the latest updates especially about settings on the new version of slicer. Make sure you look at their forum as well, it's saved me a heap of time. Fantastic machine and addictive as well

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  • Great product , bought for home use as I like to create stuff using technology and this worked a charm, came very quick all in the box! Well done :D

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  • Very good product, took a while to calibrate and get working, you will need advanced soldering & mechanical skills, however the instruction guide is very helpful and there is a forum for help if needed. Loving it so far, worth the money!

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  • Very nice quality kit - no missing parts and the instructions were comprehensive. However, this is NOT a kit for the inexperienced amateur to build - 10-14 hours to complete - comprehensive computer, mechanical and soldering skills required - if you don't have all those, get it built professionally.

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  • russell (technical support) said:

    Do you offer a build service if I want this product but cannot build it myself?

    Yes we do, our product code A67LR, please call our sales line to arrange a full built unit to be sent to you, on 0844 557 6000 The build service is £299.99

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