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Wireless 863 MHz RF On Ear Headphones Black/Silver

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  • High quality stereo sound that is virtually interference-free
  • Auto scanning system on headphones
  • Up to 100 metres range
  • Limited stock may be available in some stores. Call us on 0844 557 6000 to check

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Wireless 863 MHz RF On Ear Headphones Black/Silver

• High quality stereo sound that is virtually interference-free• Auto scanning system on headphones• Up to 100 metres range• Automatic battery recharging (batteries supplied)• Transmission is not restricted solely to line of sight• RF technology leaves you completely free to move around the room• Frequency response 30 Hz-11 kHz


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  • Get them to charge can be a bit of a pian

    This design fault - the difficulty in getting the headphones to charge properly - is noted in many reviews here. If you are happy to fiddle around and work out how to seat the headphones on their charger base so that they do actually charge then great, go for it. I thought I'd got it sorted but for some reason my clever method isn't working any more and I find my patience is rather more limited than I liked to think! C'mon Mapin, time to sort this out.

    In other news: the frequency is selected by a switch on the base (it seems that position 1 is < 864MHz, 2 is exactly 864 MHz, and 3 is > 864 MHz) and the phones have an auto-tune button which works well.

    Sound is OK for the money but I find the reception goes off if I move to a different room; fine if you are in the same room as the transmitter though (as the description says, "RF technology leaves you completely free to move around the room").

    Overall, not all that well suited to my needs so I'm glad they weren't too expensive. Not sure if paying more will solve all the problems. I'd certainly use them a lot more if reception were better.

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  • very good. headphones have crystal clear sound.

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  • Great sound like them only downfall is the charging docking station contacts a bit tricky to make them connect have had them a while now a good buy for the price

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  • I have tried a few wireless headphone sets with limited success. This set was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say that I am delighted with them. It's always risky with wireless headphones but in my opinion these are great headphones. Very happy to recommend.

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  • I saw Andy's review regarding the difficulty he had in putting these headphones on the charging base. I still went ahead and bought them. I'm so glad I did as these phones were absolutely superb. I have been severely deaf since birth and when I go to bed at night I have had enough of my hearing aids and these are the only phones I've used (both wired and wireless) that allow the volume to be loud enough for me to hear. As for the charging Andy, no need to fiddle, just don't put the left earphone into the cradle, it charges perfectly and doesn't knock or jar from its cradle easily whilst charging. Such an excellent piece of gear I'm getting another set for downstairs.

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  • I've used these for a few years. There is indeed very little interference. In my case occasional interference from a neighbours games console. Otherwise they are more than good value now the price is reduced. As for the fiddly problem replacing them on the charger, I found a short sharp squeeze-in on the stiff headband lines-up the earpieces nicely.

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  • The main problem with these headphones as others have said is that when you try and put them back onto the base to store them you have to fiddle them around to make a contact with the charging port. So annoying every time that I have given up and bought an alternative set.

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  • Got these from Maplins, price was ok. Had a couple of Sennheiser wireless headphones before so I have something to measure them against. Firstly the sound is good, I have no problems there. The range though, is a different matter. Even when fully charged, If I move 12ft approx, I begin to lose signal. However, thats not such a problem. My biggest gripe is fitting them onto the charging base. It looks GREAT on the box BUT, you try doing it in real life. They either fall off or the headphone that has the charging connection doesnt actually line up well enough to make the connection and start charging. You end up having one headphone cup on the charging base and the other off the base on the floor/table. Then you have to pay attention that it stays charging because just a minute movement of the headphones can break the charging link and you lose the green charging light.

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  • For the price I didnt expect the sound quality to blow my mind. However i was completely dissatisfied. I struggle to find where the batteries were to go due to not being provided even the most basic of instruction manuals. Then i found the charging system awkward to get the connection points to meet due to the poor design. After all that there is a loud hissing noise like static coming from the headphones. On a brighter note the self adjusting head band was comfy, but ill be returning these as soon as I can and getting some from a decent brand.

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  • Just purchased these headphones. Sound quality is quite good, with little interference. Only problem is when the headphones need to charged, you have to make sure the two contacts make with the contacts on the headphones, this can be a little tricky.

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  • Emma said:

    Are these easy to connect to a TV? an 83 year old man I help needs a set to watch TV will these surfice?

    They will connect to any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, if connecting to a TV the TV speakers will automatically mute.

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  • Syd Lyon said:

    I have purchased Arkon android wireless headphones from Maplin; they appear to have developed a intermittent fault. i.e. a loud clicking and buzzing noise which lasts for about 30 seconds or so, stops, fine for about three minutes, then starts again. Can you advise me please. Thank you, Syd Lyon

    You can call our customer service team or visit your local store with the items, If within you years warranty period we repair/replace these.

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  • alex dickson said:

    can these be used to listen to music library on laptop ?

    Yes this product does support this.

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  • alex dickson said:

    can these be used to listen to music library on laptop ?

    Yes this product does support this.

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  • Brian36 said:

    I know it has autoscan, but how many channels does it use? I need at least 2 because of local interference.

    These have 3 different channels. RW

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  • Roger Rudling said:

    After the initial battery charge of 24 hours, how long do further charges need to be? No information on this in the user manual.

    This can be kept on charge constantly.

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  • David said:

    Hello. I have a Volvo XC90 with a rear screen entertainment unit with 2 sets of Thompson 863MHz wireless headphones. I am trying to buy 2 more sets of headphones - will these be suitable?

    We cannot guarentee comptability, but since they use the same frequency, then they would more than likely work.

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  • Joe said:

    How exactly to you connect this to your audio device please

    This will connect into a headphone socket.

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  • AA said:

    Do the headphones transmit in FM?

    Yes the product does support that.

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  • Amanda said:

    Is there a docking station for recharging or does one have to remove the batteries for recharging?

    It is sits on the charging docking station as in the photo.

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