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Wireless Weather Station

Code: N25FR

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  • Large LCD screen with backlight
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Wind speed in mph, m/s, kmh, knots, Beaufort

Product details

Wireless Weather Station

• Large LCD screen with backlight
• Indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity
• Wind speed in mph, m/s, kmh, knots, Beaufort
• Wind chill and dew point temperature (°F/°C)
• Accurate barometric pressure (in Hg or hPa) with 24 hours' history graph
• Rainfall in 1-hour, 24-hour, one week, one month or total since last reset (in inch or mm)
• Weather forecast icons based on barometric pressure changing, weather tendency arrow
• Different weather alarm modes
• Records the max/min values with time stamp
• Perpetual calendar, manual setting clock
• Time zone and alarm clock
• Outdoor unit built of durable UV-protection materials, weather-proof design

This professional weather centre consists of a base station, thermo-hygro sensor, wind sensor and rain sensor and fixings. The received data is continuously updated to bring you the latest weather information on the base station's large LCD screen. The outdoor thermo-hygro sensors is the main data communication unit since both the wind and rain sensors are connected to the thermo-hygro sensor for operating power and rely on it to communicate to the base station. Weather data sent from the thermo-hygro sensor is transmitted through a wireless link.

Replacement parts are available:
Order Code: N76NF – spare wind speed sensor
Order Code: N77NF – spare rain gauge
Order Code: N78NF – spare steel mast tube
Order Code: N79NF – spare transmitter (includes built-in temperature and humidity sensor)
Indoor data:
Temperature range: 0°C to 60°C (32°°F to 140°F)
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature units measured: °C or °F (switchable)
Humidity range: 1% to 99%
Humidity resolution: 1%
Air pressure range: 919 hPa - 1080 hPa
Air pressure units measured: hPa, inHg (switchable)
Air pressure resolution: 0.1 hPa / 1.5 hPa
Alarm duration: 120 seconds
Outdoor data:
Transmission distance: 150 m (492 ft) @ 433 MHz
Temperature range: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature units measured: °C or °F (switchable)
Humidity range: 1% to 99%
Humidity resolution: 1%
Rain volume: 0 - 9999 mm (390 inches)
Rain resolution: 0.1 mm
Rain fall counter time measurement: 1 hr, 24 hr, week, month or total (switchable)
Rain fall units measurement: mm or inches (switchable)
Wind speed: 0 - 110 mph (0 - 180 kph)
Wind speed measurement: mph or kph (switchable)
Measure interval thermo-hygro sensor: 48 secs
Water proof level: IPX3 (rain proof)
Battery requirements:
Base station (indoor): 3 x AA batteries (sold separately)
Sensors (outdoor): 2 x AA batteries (sold separately)


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10 of 72 Reviews

  • Wireless interferance !!!

    OK, so this is a little odd. I purchased this item when it was in the sale in July 2012. After a little fiddling the unit was up and working and has survived some very cold and wet winters, and house move. All worked really well. The batteries in the base station have been replaced only once. So the other week, finally the transmitter batteries die, and the base station a couple of weeks later. This week I get around to replacing both sets to get the weather station up and running again. Digging out the instructions I replace the batteries in the correct order and wait for the station to "reboot" and run again. Several hours later no weather data being received on the base station unit but the red light on the transmitter end is on. Tried a couple more times, leaving time with the batteries out of both units, one final try and I left the unit to do its thing. This is where the fun starts...... I have electric gates, so I go to open them and nothing...I try a spare transmitter and...nothing, fuse box checked, all OK. Weird. Then I go to unlock my Ford Connect van - nothing !!! WHAT!!! So my mind goes back to my weather station...so I remove the batteries from the transmitter and base station and hey presto, gates open and van unlocks !!!! Right so batteries back in the weather station and try again...Yep, gates won't open and van won't unlock !! Batteries out and all is well with the gates and van again!! Weird because it worked without any of these issues when it was functioning before !!! I wonder if this weather station went through any EMC testing at all !!! Really bizarre! Any ideas?

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  • Good kit

    Got this as a birthday present a year ago, I wanted it! Done me great so far, changed batteries in receiver once and just replaced batteries in transmitter today. Has worked well for me, so far. Seems accurate enough for my needs. About 25 yards distance between devices. Much better than previous item bought from a well known "discount retailer", less than 14 days use.

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  • Failure

    Yet another transmitter failure, mind you its lasted about a year but still not impressed. Won't be buying another of this brand.

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  • weather station

    The wind speed never gave the true reading about 50% out, the rest worked well for 14months then the display only showed odd bit and stopped working.

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  • Worse item ever bought.

    This weather station has to be the worse on the market. After only three weeks, the outside station has failed or should I say just gave up functioning. After reading the reviews, I am not alone in buying a pig in the poke. Do not throw away your money as apparently. I HAVE!!

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  • Transmitter failure??

    Received this unit as a Christmas present but appeared to fail after 6 months. Changed all the batteries for new twice but the link between the external and internal parts seems not to work.

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  • Fantastic Value for Money

    I have had this weather station running for just under 2 years now. It has survived the winter cold of the winter before last, as well as this years excessive rain and it still keeps running reliably. I have it mounted on a fence post, with the temperature sensor shielded by the shadow of a building, to give a more accurate air temperature. The transmitter is some 25 meters from the receiver. The unit does have some limitations (e.g. no computer interface etc.), but frankly this is not an expensive device and for what it does it is a bargain.

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  • It WAS a very good weather station

    I got this weather station in 2009, and it was brilliant. It produced accurate readings, and gave forecasts that, usually, were very accurate too. The receiver had a nice large screen that showed the information very clearly. It displayed all sorts of data: the time, internal and external temperature and humidity, pressure with a time graph, rainfall and wind speed. I would have rated this weather station 5 stars without thinking, but then, the anemometer jammed (probably rust). I did find an anemometer replacement, but by which time, the weather station had long ago been thrown away. It lasted about 3 years, and was worth the money, especially since you can but replacements for mere pounds.

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    A brilliant bit of kit, and at £29.99 and with free delivery from Maplin a steal! I have the instruments set up on top of a hill OVER ONE HUNDRED METERS AWAY and, with a clear line-of-sight between the instruments on the hilltop and base station on the windowsill it works perfectly! It has already withstood a pretty good battering (they are mounted four-foot high pole secured with four wire 'guys', with the rain gauge lower down on a separate smaller post around one foot off the ground). Up here in the Northwest Highlands I am sure it will be well tested! Had thought about the next model up for PC connectivity and wind direction as well as speed but decided to spend less because I was not sure about the range capabilities. Now that I know how well these stations work I would not hesitate to recommend every single one of them! I look forward to upgrading already but am very pleased with this one too!

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  • Great Gadget

    Bought mine 2010 and found it was very easy to install and setup. The transmitter range is good, I have mine about 40 feet from the receiver and have no problems. Apart from battery changes I have had no problems with this unit. Fantastic unit for the price.

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10 of 28 Questions

  • Mike wood said:

    Hi we got your wireless weather station, it worked well for two days then it does not receive the outside data. I have changed the batteries has made no difference any ideas ? Thanks

    It may be a fault , I’d speak with out customer care team on options to replace has we operate a 12 month warranty .

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  • Chris said:

    Can you change the frequency of the transmitter? I have one of these units and it works fine at my home in Bracknell but at my mobile home in Weymouth the outside sensor doesn't register most of the time and when it does register it stops after a short time. I think there is interference of some form.

    No the product does not support this.

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  • Daniel said:

    Is it possible to extract the weather data from this unit into a format that can be used in an Excel spreadsheet?

    No I am sorry this item does not support that, you would need our product code: N96GY or N96FY.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    Are spare parts available for this product?

    Spares may be available for this item by checking with our Customer Care department.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    What is the expected battery life of the item?

    The battery life is approximately 3-4 months.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    What batteries does this item use?

    This uses a total of 5x AA batteries.

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  • Maplin Technical said:

    Can this be connected to a PC?

    This cannot be connected to a PC.

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  • steedsy said:

    does 0 dge C the lowest temp that it will measure, i.e- not below freezing?

    Indoor this will only measure to 0degrees, however externally the range is -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)

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  • Paul Griffey said:

    There is an internal 3.3V regulator in the base unit which means this unit is not suitable for rechargable batteries. They would only supply 3.6 volts max, and soon fall below the 3.3v+ required.

    Many thanks for the feedback, Paul.

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  • David Owen said:

    Can this model have more than 1 outdoor temperature sensor, and can a replacement outdoor sensor be bought if required?

    Unfortunately not.

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