Raspberry Pi Kits & Bundles

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a deck of playing cards. With your television as a monitor, you can use it like a desktop computer to browse the web, do word processing or other office tasks; it plays HD video too, so you can also use it as a media centre.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation developed this little device to encourage people to learn to tinker with computing, both in software (there's plenty of free material available for the Pi to help you learn more about programming, whether you're a total beginner or already pretty experienced), and in hardware. Your Raspberry Pi can get to work as the brains in a robot, as a home-automation platform, drive a motor, or operate sensors and displays there's a huge community of modders and hackers out there. For more ideas on what to do with a Raspberry Pi, visit www.raspberrypi.org and join in!