• Custom Setting Mode for LED Responsive Lighting.
  • ENC Dual Mic Technology for Crystal Clear Communication.
  • 50mm Maglev Graphene Driver for Super Bass and VR Shock Wave.
  • Waves Nx head tracking for an ultra-realistic 3D audio experience.

With the 1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones even the slightest nudge to our head causes the complete audio scene to shift in the opposite direction. Our highly sensitive brain remembers where the sound used to be and where it is now relative to our head, and combines this with the movement of head to locate the static source of sound. Waves Nx simulates the effect of how our brain processes, the acoustic space, the physical properties of the sound source and our head orientation, in order to create a sonically rich and fully authentic 3D audio experience that immerses yourself in a virtual audio reality.

Waves Nx takes the VR experience to the next level with fully realistic 3D sound that makes the virtual world feel tangible. The pinpoint accuracy and total auditory immersion brought forth by Nx enhances any VR experience and creates a real sense of space.

the ability hear and not just see the exact location of all the elements within the game: the car creeping in from behind or the ball bouncing off the wall just outside the field of sight. Waves Nx finally puts players right inside the game.

Waves Nx turns headphones into a top-of-the-line movie theatre sound system, creating a real 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound experience with the content being pre-recorded the same way. No longer are costly surround speaker setups necessary to experience movies the way they are meant to be heard.

When listening over headphones, music is typically experienced through an incredibly narrow and fixed soundscape. Waves Nx produces an expansive soundstage, making music sound the way it was intended to be heard with every sonic detail reproduced in three-dimensional clarity.

Experience the benefits of Waves Nx in VOIP and Conferencing scenarios; Waves Nx can be used to position speakers in the virtual space around the user. This greatly enhances the comfort and intelligibility of VOIP conversations.

50mm synchronized vibrating drivers with a Maglev design push out deep and thundering bass. Feel the literal vibrations of explosions or car engines resonating in your ear for the ultimate gaming experience.

A composite Graphene diaphragm results in higher fidelity, transience, and more abundant details due to its lightweight design and high response speed. With an added layer of PET, the Graphene diaphragm delivers extremely accurate sound whether you are playing video games or listening to music.

ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) dual microphone technology with precise microphone array efficiently filters out over most of background noise. Microphone remains crystal clear no matter what environment you are in.
• Front mic for communication.
• Rear mic for collecting environmental noises and then giving out opposite phase signals.

Take advantage of a fully customizable LED light system featuring dazzling colours on the RGB scale.
LED tube can either be extended or shortened for playing games or listening to music.

With resilience and comfort in mind, the ergonomic stainless steel frame with adjustable headband is designed for various head sizes providing ultimate comfort and a pressure-free fit for prolonged use.

Easy access to the volume/bass slider and microphone button on the left chamber allows for effortless controls without having to look.
A smooth joint design with ergonomic hinges helps prevent fingerprints and improves comfort.

Breathable ear cushions with ventilated porous cloth and cooling filled lining helps provide 360° all-around support for ultimate comfort and security.


Speaker Driver Diameter50mm
Speaker Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz
Speaker Sensitivity103dBPa/V
Speaker Impedance32ohms
Dual EarpieceYes
Volume Control Yes
Noise CancellingYes
Connector Type1 x 3.5mm
In The Box1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones, Type A-Micro USB Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable, Carrying Bag and User Guide
DimensionsWeight 0.304kg
Form FactorOver-Ear
Case ColourBlack
Pack Quantity1
Cable Length1.3m
Power Adaptor TypeUSB Charging