• Make sparkling water at home
  • Cut down on plastic bottle use
  • Great for flavoured fizzy drinks
  • Reusable water bottle included
  • Compatible with SodaStream 60 litre CO2 gas cylinders (sold separately)

With its gorgeous polished gold finish, this Swedish-designed Aarke Carbonator 3 is surely one of the most stylish ways to make fizzy drinks for friends and family.

Expertly designed from the inside outwards, the slimline good looks and high-quality stainless steel construction of the Aarke Carbonator have already earned it a cult following around the world and this, the third generation, has been created to be even more efficient than its predecessors. Machined from a single piece of stainless steel, the precision nozzle works with the highly tuned carbonation system to ensure your fizzy water has the perfect bubble size while also minimising the amount of CO2 used to create each bottleful, so every gas cylinder lasts longer. They’ve added a rotation damper to the control lever to allow for a more controlled release of pressure in the bottle; improved the pressure release valve to give a quieter, more ‘sophisticated’ sound when carbonation is complete; and, lastly, they made sure that this beautiful machine is made with even more high-quality, sustainable parts that will help it to become a long-lasting fixture in your home.

Once you’ve bought and inserted a CO2 cylinder into the tower, the exciting bit can begin… Just add tap water up to the fill line of your carbonation bottle, screw it onto the head of your Carbonator 3 and push the stainless steel lever upwards until the drinks maker makes a satisfying buzz. Then release the lever, unscrew the bottle and seal it till you need it – making fizzy drinks for friends and family couldn’t be easier. And with three independent safety valves inside, it couldn’t be safer, either.

Aarke have done their homework and discovered that, around the world, one million plastic bottles are sold every minute and – shockingly – only 9% of them are recycled. So, if you find that as gobsmacking a fact as we do, it’s nice to know that making your own fizzy water at home can help to reverse the trend.

If soda water or a white wine spritzer doesn’t appeal, just add a dash of your favourite cordial to make home-made sparkling drinks. From fizzy favourites like cola and lemonade to more sophisticated flavours like elderflower and ginger, the possibilities are endless – it’ll help you create fabulous cocktails and mocktails too.

Able to make 780ml of fizzy water at a time, the Aarke Carbonation Bottle is made from long-lasting PET plastic with a stainless steel lid and base for durability. It’s suitable for refrigeration, so you can make your soda water or fizzy flavours in advance and chill them to perfection until you’re ready to serve.

Ideal for garden parties, mobile home owners and off-grid holidays, because the carbonation is created solely by the gas cylinder, you don’t need to plug your Aarke Carbonator in to create fizzy drinks, so you can make them anywhere you’re happy to take the carbonator.