Who We Are

At Maplin we believe passionately in a world where connecting people with brilliant technology enriches lives. We exist to bring those ideas to you, even if you’re not an expert. From voice-controlled light bulbs, to Esports and Raspberry Pi, we’ve got you covered.

We are always testing and relentlessly improving to get that bit better every day. From free delivery, to listening to your product feedback and the best deals around - if we aren’t quite there yet, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Mission

Maplin is striving to empower, inspire and provide solutions with tech. Tech can be a tool, a hobby, a creative process, an artform… we’re uniting these forms of tech, popping them in a box, wrapping it with a bow, and calling it Maplin!


You should feel confident in your ability to know what you are purchasing, before you even open your basket. Through clearly presenting and breaking down all key information, we will save time for those in the know and empower those without a blinking clue.


Understanding technology opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. We want to tempt you into dabbling with something new. The bedroom programmers of the 80s helped to revive the video games industry and John Carmack (programmer for the original Doom) now has his own space tourism company. All of the greats start out with a bit of curiosity and a dream. We’ll supply the tools to help you build it!

Provide Solutions

In the modern age, work hours can be long, and the smallest task can become an inconvenience. Occasionally the technology gods grant us the gift of a product that makes our lives easier… sometimes that product won’t be suitable unless we purchase an adapter of some kind and we’re left screaming “Why didn’t they include this adapter in the first place!?”. Here at Maplin, our goal is to provide the solutions you need and make your life easier.

The Maplin Way

Discovery, Clear Advice & Inspiring Ideas

Discover and learn about the newest tech from the world's best makers. Read our expert buying guides at our University to help you make your pick, watch our latest how to’s on our YouTube channel to get up and running and then subscribe to our email newsletter to get your weekly dose of our latest features and offers straight to your inbox.

Free Delivery & Returns

Quick delivery and easy returns are our top priority. We’ve kept it simple – all orders over £20 will come with free delivery. As with any good maker, we’re always tweaking to ensure your experience with us is as seamless as possible.

Human Help

If anything goes wrong (fingers crossed nothing will!) our team is on hand to help with getting started, returns or maybe just someone to speak to before making that big purchase. Our friendly advisors are just a click away (email, telephone, Twitter, Facebook... you name it we’ve got it!).

Maplin Through The Years

Since 1972, Maplin has been a place for our community to experiment, make and indulge in their pursuits. We’re determined to keep the flame alive, in whatever form it may take in the future...

For the lawyers

Company Name: Digital-First Retail Limited
Registered Address: First Floor, 5 Century Point, Halifax Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3SL
Email Address: legal@digitalfirstretail.com
Company Register: Companies House (England and Wales)
Company Registration Number: 11441187
VAT number: GB 303 1792 33