• Contains upgraded NASA developed catalyst
  • Filterless germicidal purifier & ioniser that sterilises surfaces
  • Covers up to 330 square ft areas
  • 3 colour air quality indicator to show indoor air quality
  • Night mode (8 hours)

With revolutionary, energy-efficient technology, that is filterless, the Air For Life Mini Sanifier II fights impurities by cleaning and sanitising the air & surfaces in rooms up to 330 square feet. This includes nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hotel rooms, aeroplanes, motor homes and more.

The long-life UVC lamp destroys germs as they pass through UV light. The light rays react with the nanometal catalyst to produce an abundance of negative ions, which find and destroy carbon-based molecules including bacteria, viruses & VOCs. The carbon-based contaminants are then converted into water and carbon dioxide. The AFL PLASMA ionisers reduce aero-allergenic causing particulate matter such as dust, pollen, pm2.5 and pet dander.