• Designed for all ages and abilities
  • Includes Arduino Uno board
  • Helpful step-by-step guide to get started
  • 15 exciting projects
  • Explore the functionalities of the Ardunio Uno board

Designed for all ages and abilities, the Arduino Starter Kit with Uno Board is the perfect introduction to the world of coding and electronics. Not only does the kit come with the Arduino Uno, an entry-level board for those who are new to developing on the Arduino platform, but a whole host of other goodies to help you on your way. There’s even a helpful book that includes a step-by-step guide to getting started, and 15 exciting projects to complete. If you’re an experienced designer, don’t despair: the Starter Kit is also a great way to explore the different functionalities of the Arduino Uno board.
Form FactorBoard
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