• Hot Air Heat Gun
  • Two temperature switch to adjust: 450C or 600C
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Heat resistant materials with low heat conduction

Two Temperature switch, the ATTEN AT-2190 2000W Hot Air Heat Gun.

This Heat Gun is ideal for a wide range of jobs around the home or workplace. It can be used handheld or vertically, sat on a surface. Its ergonomic handle gives a comfortable grip and heat resistant materials with low heat conduction make it completely safe to use.

You can select your temperature, 450C or 600C depending on the job. With this heat gun, you will be able to remove old paint, clear self-adhesive stickers, soften welding and loosen rusty nuts. Plus it can be used for welding or bending plastics, melting glue, wax or ice and shrinking packaging film.