• Draw a working circuit and cold solder components
  • Electric Paint is water-based and nontoxic
  • 3 x Unique character cards: Opposites Attract, Take me to your LEDer, and Radiation Ray
  • Paint dries in 10-15 minutes
  • 3 x Coin cell batteries
  • 1 x Electric Paint Tube 10ml
  • 30 minute assembly time
  • 3 x LEDs
  • LEDs may last up to 10 days depending on battery life
  • Ages 6+

Conductive Encounters flashing card set includes 3 cards and all the equipment to make a basic circuit.

The Bare Conductive Flashing Card Set Conductive Encounters set includes 3 cards with unique character designs along with all the necessary materials to make a basic circuit such as a 10ml electric paint tube, 3 LED lights, and 3 coin cell batteries.

This is a resistive paint that may not be suited to high current applications such as heated rear window track repairs and other higher power applications (in excess of 100ma), for these applications a silver loaded paint, conventional wiring and soldering are the main practical solutions.

Form FactorKit
Pack Quantity1