• Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080p
  • Screen size: up to 300"
  • HDMI / USB
  • Android TV for content streaming & huge media library
  • DLP technology & integrated stereo speakers

The most immersive gaming projector comes with instant game modes, auditory impact, and complete command with industry-best input lag for smooth victories with any game.

The BenQ X1300i Full HD HDR Gaming Projector is purpose built for extended entertainment with Android TV for content streaming and a huge media library. The long-lasting LED light source promotes consistent vibrant colors, and the sleek design complements any gaming den.

Fully experience both the subtlety and intensity of the game world. As you explore a ruinous building rich in captivating detail, let powerful orchestral music with crisp strings and resounding bass guide you through the whole adventure in a medieval setting.

Refined details reveal enemies hiding in the shadows, lying in wait. Virtual surround stereo enhanced gunshots, bombastic effects and trailing footsteps from far to near warn you of approaching threats so you are prepared to face any foe.

Behold incredibly realistic, real-time sports games with green grass, diverse skin tones, vibrant uniforms, and accentuated details. Hear and understand clearly the enthusiastic voices of the announcers while fans cheer on your team. You’ll be transported from your home to the centre of the action.

BenQ GameMaestro Technology not only brings you low latency but also includes optimized visuals and audio settings for RPGs, Shooters, Sports games and custom user EQ (equalizer) with audio and visual adjustment presets. Game visuals are powered by CinematicColorTM and offer vibrant colours. Multi-source audio mixing, tuned by treVolo-Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS), enhances music of all types for an engaging auditory experience. The X1300i projector gives you the best cinematic gaming experience you can dream of.