• 100% keyless access
  • Replaces all Euro profile cylinders
  • Easy DIY installation – no wiring
  • Reliable access by mobile app or backup PIN
  • Physical safety confirmed by SKG*** certification

The Bold SX-33 Smart Cylinder + Bold Connect Smart Lock is a Bluetooth enabled smart cylinder designed for easy and safe access control where keys are no longer needed. The Bold Connect brings your smart locks online. Activate and monitor them anytime, anywhere. You can even optionally (temporarily for FREE) connect an electronic garage door or gate.

The Bold Smart Cylinder SX33 is a unique and innovative keyless cylinder lock for your door. From now on you will never need a key again to enter your home or office. Safe and easy for the children, cleaning lady or your company with changing staff. You can give Airbnb guests or the heating engineer temporary access through the app.

The Bold Smart Cylinder SX 33 is easy to install and digitally secured. You decide remotely who has access to your home or business and at what time. Now you can also enjoy the convenience and security of Bold.

Complete the lock with the Bold Connect. From now on, remotely activate the cylinder, adjust settings and receive real-time pin notifications no matter where you are.