• Measures wind speed, temperature and humidity
  • Displays average speed or current conditions
  • Frost warning and wind speed alarm
  • Graphic weather forecast for the following 24 hours
  • Displays wind chill factor, dew point and heat index

The Bresser 3-in-1 Professional Wind Gauge / Anemometer Weather Station is a professional style anemometer for domestic and commercial applications. The weather station unit indicates current wind speed from the base station as well as average and maximum values per hour, day, month or year.  A wind speed alarm and frost alert can also be set and there is a dew point warning too. Additionally, the unit provides 'experience' features such as wind chill factor, heat index and 'feels like' temperature readings.
The 3-in-1 outdoor sensor determines not only wind speed, but also outdoor temperature and humidity and the values are transmitted to the base station by radio over a maximum range of 150 m.
The indoor 'base' station also has integrated sensors for measuring room temperature and humidity. As the units are battery powered, set-up is quick and easy, with no need for wiring. for peace of mind, there the Bresser five-year guarantee.