• Wind sensor with colour display and WiFi connection
  • Windspeed, temperature (C°/F°) and humidity
  • Time, calendar, phases of the moon and weather forecast
  • Alarm with snooze / Alarm for maximum and minimum values
  • Connect to a mobile for remote monitoring

The Bresser WiFi Colour Weather Station with 3-in-1 Wind Sensor makes it possible to share local weather data via apps like Weather Underground or Weather Cloud and view the local conditions remotely, using a mobile phone. The 3-in-1 outdoor sensor transmits measured values for wind speed, humidity and temperature via 868 MHz frequency to the base station which has w high contrast vivid display. Temperature is displayed in C°/F° and there are readings for humidity, inside and outside, wind speed, wind gusts and the average values in km/h, mph, knots or m/s.
The local weather forecast, which is determined from the measured data, shows the weather for the next 12-24 hours using graphic symbols. The maximum and minimum values are stored for up to 24 hours. An alarm can be set for maximum and minimum values, as well as for a standard alarm with snooze function. Additional displays include barometric pressure, time, date, day and moon phases.
As the units are battery powered, set-up is quick and easy, with no need for wiring. For peace of mind, there the Bresser five-year guarantee.