• Extend your Wi-Fi around your home
  • Connect your Dual-Band AC1200 WHW solution to your existing wireless broadband
  • Dual-Band AC1200 WHW solution is ideal for downloading music, streaming HD content or for playing online games
  • Works with all broadband providers
  • The app guides you to create and setup your Whole Home Wi-Fi system in minutes.

BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi (Two Discs) Twin - Intelligent Wi-Fi that covers the Whole Home - 
Expand your existing BT Mini whole-home Wi-Fi network system with this add-on disc. This Additional Disc will only work when added to BT’s Mini whole-home Wi-Fi solution to further expand your home Wi-Fi network.

Please Note: This device can only be used in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, due to restrictions on using Wi-Fi frequencies in the 5.725-5.825 band elsewhere in Europe.