We spend so much time in the car these days that it’s important to have the best experience you can. Whether you’re a car lover enjoying a long drive, or just wanting a little extra safety or comfort, we have everything here to offer you a smooth drive.


Gone are the days of deciphering complex paper maps: A sat nav is now a complete driving necessity, simplifying your journey whether it’s long or short distance. We have a wide range of sat navs, for example the TomTom GO 610, with MyDrive & Lifetime world maps. It has voice activation, 3D maps, and you can access and update maps from around the world at no extra cost, for the lifetime of your device. We think these devices offer a smart solution to any navigation needs a driver could have.

Car Security

If you’re looking to increase security for your car, you’ll be interested in our range of alarms and dash cams, which are increasingly being used to ensure that you have evidence of any accidents or issues you have while driving. A dash cam is a good choice when it comes to car security, as they are small and relatively cheap, and can offer solutions to a multitude of problems that can arise while on the road. We have models available from Phillips, Cobra, Nextbase and many more.

Car Audio & Entertainment

We know that music can make or break a road-trip, and with our range of car amplifiers and speakers, you can be sure to get the most out of your tunes. You can trick out your car with speakers from top names such as Pioneer, JVC, and many more, or even pump up the bass with a subwoofer. Perhaps you’re just looking for something to distract the kids on those long car journeys? Our popular Voyager portable DVD players are sure to keep them occupied, or you could even use a tablet mounting device so they can watch their favourite shows while you enjoy the drive in peace.

Parking Sensors & Cameras

Parking sensors are an incredibly useful addition to a car, simplifying the struggle of getting into those tight spaces. We offer our own parking sensor kits, which include either 2 or 4 sensors and everything else you need to mount and power them. If you want something more visual, we stock reversing camera kits, so you can see with absolute clarity the amount of space you have behind your car.

Car Accessories

Whether you’re looking for additional comfort, convenience, or safety in the event of a breakdown, we have a range of accessories for your vehicle:

...and many more!