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Household & DIY

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There’s no better feeling than sitting back and looking with pride at a completed project, is there? We know that sometimes you’ve just got to do it yourself, whether that’s fixing something up or building something from scratch.

Power Tools

Every DIY enthusiast needs their tools, and we have a huge range for every project. We have power tools for those larger jobs:

  • Corded and cordless drills, including full kits so that you can be sure you have everything you need to get the job done
  • Powered saws, whether you need a handheld circular saw or a larger table saw
  • Sanders and planers, to give that perfect finish to any woodworking project
  • Wet & Dry Vacuums, for the inevitable clean up

Hand Tools

For smaller jobs and general maintenance, we have every household’s essential hand tools:

  • Screwdrivers in a range of sizes and types – Phillips, Parallel, Pozi and Flared. Our ever popular screwdriver sets ensure you have every type you need
  • Hammers and mallets in a range of types and sizes
  • Pliers, snips and forceps
  • Multi-function tools, for those who like to have a DIY solution in their pocket at all times

Soldering & Welding

Electronics buffs will be glad to know we have soldering irons and accessories to suit both beginners and experts. Whether you’re learning to build a basic circuit or fixing a wire on an old appliance, with our soldering kits you’ll be able to set-up and get started in seconds. In recent years, soldering irons have also become popular for a range of other creative uses such as woodburning.

If it’s metalwork you’re interested in, you might need something a little bigger. We have everything you need to start welding at home, including accessories and safety gear.


Without the fixings, you may find yourself missing a vital piece of the task at hand. We have a selection of every possible kind of fixing you could need in every size, including:

If you find yourself doing DIY regularly, you might want to stock up on fixings, in which case our kits are great value for money and will ensure you have everything you need right to hand when that next project comes up.

Storage Cases & Workwear

For many DIY enthusiasts, their tools are a prized possession. We sell a range of strong, rugged toolboxes to ensure they are kept safe and secure, including wheeled boxes for moving heavier tools around with ease. We also have smaller boxes for keeping fixings organised, and storage wall panels which you can affix to the walls in your workspace to save space.

Proper workwear is always important to stay safe when working on DIY projects. Whether you need work boots and a Hi-Vis waistcoat for a building project, or goggles and a dust-mask for woodworking, we have the items you need.