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Ebotics Car Robot Creative Interaction Kit

Programmable robot car kit
Have fun while you learn how to build a robot car from scratch
Learn how to program and control the electronic components included
Develop a great quantity of intermediate level projects
Suitable for anyone who wants to get started in robotics

Pi Supply MonsterBorg - The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Robot

Mount for a Raspberry Pi camera
ThunderBorg Lid for 10xAA batteries
No soldering required
Designed for the Raspberry Pi.
4x high-torque 300 RPM metal geared 37mm motors (pre soldered)

Pi Supply Motor Controller Board Kit for Raspberry Pi

This now pre-soldered and features a new and improved design breaking out the GPIO Pins to the side of the board.
Programming the board to drive a motor is as simple as turning a pin on or off.
Budget friendly motor controller

Ebotics Arm Robot Kit DIY with Double Joystick Gamepad

Build a robotic arm from scratch
Can be built in a few hours without the need of welding
For users with intermediate and advanced robotics and programming knowledge
Programmable Arm Robot with 4 degrees of free movement
Compatible with Arduino and different visual programming software by blocks
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4 Items