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ZOWIE XL Series XL2536 LED Gaming Monitor - Full HD (1080p) - 24.5" - Black

Easily Access Settings for Different Scenarios - the S-Switch is designed for easy access to monitor menu, switch between saved modes, and quick change between connected devices.
Minimize Visual Distractions - The XL-series LCD frame was specially designed to reduce light reflection from the screen, keeping your focus on the game.
Spot Hidden Enemies - Black eQualizer increases the visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas.
Optimize Gaming Precision - With 20 levels of Color Vibrance settings, you can get specific viewing requirements and preferences for all types of gameplay.
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BenQ EW3270U 31.5 inch 4K Multimedia Monitor - Metalic Grey

Enjoy extremely vibrant, precise and realistic images as well as high frame rates with 4K resolution. You will be amazed by the crystal-clear and details
Featuring the leading HDR technology in a video enjoyment monitor, EW3270U offers enhanced brightness and contrast and brings incredible details and vividness to HDR video content
EW3270Us simple hotkey switches between 4 levels of HDR and B.I.+ modes, allowing users to select the most suitable clarity for displayed content
Smart Focus highlights the selected window or area, helping users concentrate on the main viewing content by reducing distractions in the background
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Sweex PP210 - Uninterruptible Power Supply 1000 VA 600 W

4 sockets
LCD Display
Power Cut backup
15 mins operating time
Compact unit
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