• SOS emergency button
  • Two-way phone calling & voice messaging
  • Smart location tracking & geo zones
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Strongest network signal

CPR Guardian represents the next generation of protection in an emergency. With built-in SOS personal alarm, GPS Location tracking, two-way voice calling, heart rate monitor, super-responsive touch screen and comfortable soft hypoallergenic watch strap.

Family and Relatives can monitor the location and wellbeing of the wearer remotely by using the CPR Monitoring mobile APP for Android and iOS. If a check-in call is needed carers can also voice call the watch and speak to the wearer.

The CPR Guardian SOS Personal Alarm Watch with GPS Location Tracking & Heart Rate Monitor provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind and reassurance knowing you can always be there for them whenever they need you.


SOS EMERGENCY ASSIST BUTTON - In the event of an emergency, the wearer will be able to voice call and alert the designated SOS contact by holding the red SOS button. The GPS location of the wearer will also be sent to the Guardian Monitoring APP.

TWO WAY PHONE CALLING & VOICE MESSAGING - Make and receive voice calls to friends and family almost anywhere in the world without the need for a mobile phone. Send and receive voice messages to friends and family.

SMART LOCATION TRACKING & GEO ZONES - Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi tracking ensure accurate indoor and outdoor location tracking in the event of an emergency. Geo-Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like a home or a park. Receive alerts every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.

HEART RATE MONITOR – Guardian Monitors the wearer’s heart rate BPM every 10 minutes and sends this information directly to the CPR Guardian II APP, if a low heart rate of below 30 beats per minute is identified Guardian II will send a warning notification message to the APP administrators.

STRONGEST NETWORK SIGNAL – Guardian arrives pre-installed with a CPR Chameleon Pay As You Go SIM which provides maximum mobile coverage at all times by intelligently switching between Vodafone, o2 and EE mobile networks based on the best available signal. We also provide £3 free SIM credit so the watch will work straight out of the box.

PREMIUM SUPPORT – Enhanced lifetime customer and technical support are included with every CPR Guardian Smartwatch. If you need help to track a wearer in an emergency or help setting up the watch remotely we are always at hand to take your call. 

Box Contents:

• 1X Guardian II Watch Phone

• 1X USB Cable

• 1X SIM card (already inside the watch)

• 1X SIM Information Card

• 1X Quick Start Guide