• Professional installation required
  • Every power socket becomes a potential network jack
  • Automatic phase coupling maximises the potential of powerlines
  • Delivers an internet signal directly at the source
  • Transfer multimedia at very high speeds using extensive networking

Get the most out of your gigabit Internet throughout your entire home!
The Devolo Magic 2 2400 LAN DINrail transmits your gigabit Internet throughout your entire home, directly from your junction box. It transforms any power outlet into a network socket without the need for any drilling or cabling – making it particularly handy for rooms that don’t have a structured cabling system. Installed in the junction box, the Ethernet adapter shows off the full potential of the Powerline solution. Using a gigabit link to the fibre-optic router in your basement, the Internet connection is transmitted to another Magic adapter in any room of your choice with the help of a built-in phase coupler.

Powerline – use your power supply to distribute your Internet signal throughout your home
Magic WiFi adapters distribute your Internet signal using the fastest route available – your power supply. That means any outlet with an adapter connected to it is transformed into a WiFi or LAN hotspot. Data transmission via the Powerline bridge stops the signal quality from dropping and provides secure encryption, without the need for any cabling. Increasing your Internet’s range couldn’t be simpler.

G.hn integrated – for a better entertainment experience with your new gigabit home network
Now you can benefit from an advanced high-speed Internet solution with our Magic adapters, all of which come installed with the latest generation of our innovative G.hn Powerline technology. Designed with seamless streaming, gaming and surfing in mind, this Powerline system gives you what you need for maximum-speed data transmission and a state-of-the-art home entertainment experience. The networking technology also guarantees disruption-free working in your home office.

Installation in your junction box – the ideal solution for your home network  
For safety reasons, any work on your junction box must be performed by a trained electrician. Once it has been installed, the Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter feeds the Internet signal into your LAN network by bundling all the phases, making it possible to get the most out of your home network.
Please be aware that you will need at least one additional Magic adapter for your network.