• WiFi and Ethernet connection from any plug socket
  • Up to 2400 Mbps
  • 5 Ethernet ports
  • Plug socket stays usable
  • Mesh WiFi with Multi-User MIMO technology

The Devolo Magic 2 NEXT Whole Home AC2400 Dual-Band Powerline Adapter Kit delivers high-speed internet directly from your power sockets. Easily bring gigabit Internet into any room and experience browsing, streaming, gaming and stable home working with a mesh upgrade – the devolo Magic 2 WiFi next is the Powerline system for the whole family. The latest multi-user MIMO technology and optimised mesh ensure that all your devices at home are simultaneously supplied with unlimited Mesh WiFi capacity. Magic WiFi adapters connect to form a joint network. In addition, the mesh function access point steering ensures that you always have the best WiFi connection with speeds up to 1200 Mbps – without interruptions and no matter what room you're in. Plug & play: Plug in, press the button, and experience mesh!  Build yourself a mesh network which can be expanded as you see fit, and do it in no time using Magic WiFi: Simply connect one Magic adapter to your router, plug additional devolo Magic adapters into your available power sockets and press the button to start the automatic connection. The Magic WiFi hotspots are activated in seconds. Magic WiFi adapters use the fastest path for transmitting your Internet signal: your power line. As a result, any power socket with a Magic adapter plugged in becomes a WiFi or LAN access point. Data transmission via Powerline adapter means no loss of signal quality and secure encryption without routing cables. All of our Magic adapters already have the latest generation of G.hn Powerline technology installed.