• WiFi & Ethernet connection from any plug socket
  • Up to 2400 Mbps
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Plug socket stays usable
  • Optimum mesh tri-band

Mesh Wi-Fi in its best form 

Surf without gaps! Unlike conventional starter kits for home networking, the Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 Starter AC2400 Tri-Band Powerline Adapter Kit consists exclusively of WiFi units that replace your existing router WiFi with a pure mesh network. Up to 100 terminal devices can be supplied with WiFi at maximum gigabit speeds in a cohesive network.  Eradicate wireless gaps and experience the best network coverage!

The fastest tri-band of its class

WiFi ac meets Powerline: Perfect WiFi is transmitted to all end devices over two frequencies (2.4 and 5 GHz) with secure encryption. The devolo units distribute the Internet signal via power line throughout the home, ensuring a lightning-fast, stable network!

Adapts to your home!

The devolo Mesh WiFi network can be flexibly expanded at any time – you can easily connect additional devolo units to the existing network at the touch of a button. In the devolo mesh network, all settings for data security and performance optimisation are automatically synchronised.

A tip for even better mesh performance

For unimpaired performance, please switch off the router WiFi. The devolo units then form a pure devolo mesh network. By using this trick, you enable the full range of functions of the perfectly co-ordinated devolo units and provide a performance boost – particularly in the case of older routers. Now your end devices will no longer be throttled by obsolete router WiFi. 

A real team player

devolo Mesh WiFi adapters are compatible with all WiFi routers, WiFi-capable devices and, of course, devolo Magic adapters.

(dLAN® Powerline adapters and other HomePlug AV products, including the devolo Outdoor WiFi Powerline adapters, are not supported.)

All devolo units form a coherent network that not only amplifies your router WiFi but also replaces it optimally – for seamless reception.

  • Alternative: Seamless mesh WiFi: All devolo units form a cohesive network for full reception throughout the home.