• Universal smartphone holder
  • Ideal for photos, videos, selfies, live streaming & more
  • 3 adjustable lighting modes
  • 3 different colour filters
  • 500 mAh battery with micro USB charging cable

The Digipower 50 LED Video Light with Phone Holder comes with a universal smartphone holder and is ideal for photos, videos, selfies, live streaming, etc. With the hot shoe adapter, the flash light is compatible with mobile phones, DSLR cameras, action cams and video cameras.

In addition to the 3 adjustable lighting modes, the LED light comes with 3 different colour filters (blue, red, white), allowing you to create creative shots.

The 500 mAh battery can be easily charged with the included micro USB charging cable and lasts up to 1 hour.

Box contents: LED video light, smartphone holder, 3 colour filters, hot shoe adapter and micro USB charging cable