• Scalable
  • Future proof
  • Easy to use app
  • Combined IP data and video on one switch
  • Users can be limited to specific sources or screen control
  • You can mix sources and screens/receivers in any combination
  • An open platform, allowing use of any 3rd party HDMI/IP adaptors
  • API for integration with 3rd party control systems
  • Intuitive & Fast Setup
  • Remote access

The DrayTek VigorSwitch V1281 Video Distribution is a switch designed for distributing IP video feeds from multiple sources (e.g. Set-top boxes, DVD players, media systems, cameras etc) over Ethernet/IP to multiple outputs (TVs, monitors or projectors).

It's suitable for homes, offices, pubs or restaurants or any commercial applications with multiple screens requiring easy distribution and selection.

On the VigorSwitch V1281, the 28 ports can each be set as either a source (input) or output and any output (screen) can then receive the video from any of the inputs. One port is always reserved for data/PC access. In the simplest configuration, you can use the V1281 as a fixed distribution system - one source distributing to up to 26 outputs (screens) but the real power and flexibility is in multiple sources and multiple outputs with each output selecting any of the sources.

A smartphone app or the switch's own web interface allows easy source selection for any of the screens or projectors. The VigotSwitch app is currently available for iOS and Android as a free download from the App/Play stores.

You can have multiple set-top boxes (cable or satellite receivers), each one tuned to a different channel so, for example, in a pub it's easy to switch different areas to different outputs or in a home environment, a user in any room can select one of many sources.