• Supplied with Remote Control
  • Independent control of each socket
  • Ideal for switching appliances off in inaccessible places
  • 30m range - works through walls & ceilings
  • Surge Protection - Protects against mains surges & spikes

The Eagle 5-Gang Surge Protection Extension Lead with Remote Control is an innovative device that provides various benefits to the user, most important energy saving. Ideal for those appliances that would otherwise drain power when allowed to go into Standby mode. The unit also features Surge Protection, protecting the connected appliances in the event of mains surges and spikes. The extension lead is supplied with a 2-metre lead and is ideal for use with items that are often forgotten about when going to bed at night or going out to work in the morning such as TV s, games consoles, Hi-Fi systems etc. Up to 5 appliances can be controlled at any one time. This extension lead is also perfect for those with limited mobility or those who may find it hard to reach out of the way or ground level sockets. This handy item also gives peace of mind as appliances that are left in standby mode pose a fire risk in the home. The 30m range and generous 2m lead make it suitable for most size homes.