• Works with Alexa Voice, Google Assistant & IFTTT
  • IP55 weather resistant material
  • Control via the ENERJSMART app
  • Set timers and schedules
  • Group multiple products to control them at the same time

The ENER-J Smart WiFi Weatherproof 13A Twin Wall Sockets with 2 USB Ports adopts heavy-duty IP55 weather resistant materials to ensure it is rugged and safe when you use it outdoor. Perfect for various locations like the garden, patio, open-air restaurants and more. It's easy to install too.

The ENERJSMART app enables you to control your connected devices anywhere with one tap. You can also track the devices real-time status anytime.

By presetting timers or schedules, the smart socket can be automatically turned on/off at a specific time. Automate your home appliances via different timing schedules. Group multiple products under one setting for even more control. 

It's compatible with Alexa Voice, Google Home, Google Nest & IFTTT for handy voice control - you won't even need a separate hub or paid subscription service.

Please note that the socket must be used within your WiFi coverage. Requires a secured 2.4GHz WiFi connection.

Despatched within 33 business days