• Easy Setup and Installation via the EZVIZ app and sync button
  • 4G Hub - Supports up to 6 x EZVIZ wire-free Battery Cameras
  • 2 years’ warranty and 24/7 Tech Support
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
  • Secure the interior/exterior of your home for peace of mind
  • Push notifications sent to your phone when motion is detected.
  • View Live or Playback HD footage at any time via the App
  • 4G Hub - 4G Capability, great for if you have a powercut, so your cameras stay online
  • 4G Hub – Prolongs EZVIZ wire-free camera Battery life by up to 9 months

Introducing the EZVIZ Full HD WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Wire-Free Battery Camera & 4G LTE Hub with Built-in Siren

The EZVIZ Battery Camera is a weatherproof indoor/outdoor standalone 100% wire-free, battery-powered security camera. It enables the user to effortlessly and seamlessly place it anywhere without any hassles of dealing with cables.

The EZVIZ 4G Hub prolongs the battery life of an EZVIZ wire-free camera by up to 9 months. (Work Condition: Normal temperature and environment, triggered 5min/Day). The Hub Works with up to six EZVIZ wire-free Battery cameras

Two additional unique features of the 4G Hub is that it can also act as a Wi-Fi Router to up to two other Wi-Fi Devices around the home, so if you ever had a power cut you can still operate from home on the Internet. As well as this – your security system will still be in full operation due to the ability to utilise a 4G data sim card (sold separately).

Furthermore, the 4G Hub has a built-in 100db Siren so that when motion is detected you can choose via the EZVIZ app if you want an automatic or manual siren activation to occur.

A wide range of accessories are also available to enhance your EZVIZ wire-free Battery Camera experience, including a solar power panel, the charging station, and metal mount for more secure installation.

Rechargeable Battery for EZVIZ wire-free camera - Long Life 5500mAh Rechargeable lithium battery for the wire-free camera that can last up to 3 months on its own, but when used with the EZVIZ 4G Hub, battery life can be prolonged up to 9 months. In both instances, this is subject to your environmental conditions and usage levels.

Smart Human Detection & Instant Alerts - Featuring PIR human detection, the wire-free camera sends an instant alert to you when a human is approaching. With two-way audio, you can also communicate via the EZVIZ app.

HD Video with Wide-Angle View & Night Vision - With its HD 1080p wide-angle lens, the battery camera gives you a convenient 126 degrees’ view. The wire-free camera also features up to 5 meters of night vision and delivers crystal clear images even at night. The video switches between day and night modes automatically.

Designed for All Conditions - The EZVIZ wire-free camera comes with clear, 5m night vision and IP65 weatherproof design.

One App Does All the Work - All you need to do for setup is to follow the instructions via the free EZVIZ app and your home Wi-Fi. The EZVIZ app works with all EZVIZ Cameras and alarm products. View and manage remotely wherever you are.

Storage of footage - EZVIZ cameras can hold a MicroSD card for local and continuous storage, alternatively, you can sign up to our Cloud Storage system (subject to subscription) or via an EZVIZ Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Further Recommendations

Consider a Wi-Fi Range Extender if you have poor connectivity around the home from your Router location

Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & EZVIZ Alarm Systems