• Stylish design & premium quality build
  • Hands-free phone calls & music for up to 4 continuous hours
  • Interchangeable lenses - fit prescription lenses
  • Intuitive and comfortable touch controls & water-resistant
  • Convenient charging case

Looks like glasses, sounds like WOW! Fauna is designer audio eyewear made to fit seamlessly into everyday life, with style and high-quality sound. The Fauna Spiro Revolutionary Audio Glasses protect your eyes and delight your ears while you’re listening to your favourite music or audiobook, or making phone calls. Tiny integrated, lightweight micro-speakers and microphones provide hours of great sound without looking bulky or feeling heaving.

Available in both sunglasses and blue light filter versions, Fauna Audio Glasses are perfect for outside activities and working in front of a screen. The standard lenses can easily be exchanged for prescription lenses by an optician.

Fauna’s pioneering speaker technology delivers sound directly to your ear without major leakage – ensuring the only one to hear your music, podcast or phone call is you. Plus, since your ears stay open, you will always be able to perceive your surroundings and hear what goes on around you.