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Featured articles

Smart Home

Smart home technology is transforming our homes, and our lives. From smart heating you can control remotely, to lighting you can change, dim or illuminate with your voice. Find out more about the smart home revolution below.

Maplin Smart Meter
Introduction to Home Automation
Harry Potter Vs Tech
Shopping for Solar Power
A Smart Home Christmas
James Bond Gadgets that Predicted the Future
Guide to IFTTT
New Year Smarter Home

CCTV & Security

Create a safer and more secure home with CCTV and security tech. Whether you need around-the-clock surveillence or a new alarm system, read up on the world of home security.

Dallas Campbell: National Home Security Month
A History of CCTV
What Alarm System is best for you?
Wired or Wireless CCTV?

Computing & Gaming

For work or for play, computers are a big part of most people's lives, while the latest gaming technology is more immersive than ever. See what's happening in the world of computing and gaming.

A Guide to If This Then That
Safer Internet Day
The VR World

Audio & Entertainment

Surround sound, Bluetooth speakers and streaming devices all help to make your party, movie night, romantic dinner or bingewatching experience that much better. Get the most out of your audio & entertainment.

Record Store Day 2016

Toys & Hobbies

We've covered our extensive range of toys and hobbies below. From Astrology to Zoology, whatever you're into, we've got the tech to make it happen.
The Big Garden Birdwatch 2018
8 of the best spots for Stargazing
Bird Watching
Fitness Tech Guide
The Drone Code
Drone Projects
Flying Drones Safely
The Best Toys for Children

Household & DIY

From lighting and appliances to tools, fixing and cables, update your home and improve your DIY skills.

2018 Lighting Trends
The Benefits of Robotic Cleaners


From tips on safe driving to the best new tech for use in the car, we've got your next road trip, commute or driving lesson covered.
Changes to the Driving Test


They power everything from our TV remotes to our laptops, our smartphones and even our cars. Make sure your batteries are doing their job.
Rechargeable Vs Normal Batteries
How to Store Batteries
Why do I need to Recycle Batteries?


No matter if you're a tech wizard or a complete novice, we make technology more accessible for everyone. Our range of computing components, eletronics and parts allow anyone to try their hand at making tech from scratch.

The Maker World
Teentech and Maplin
Getting Started with Micro:bit
MaKey MaKey
The History of Robots
Sweetheart LED Kit

Tech for Summer

Holidays, hot weather, music festivals and long nights call for tech to make your experiences unforgettable. Keep cool in the heat, document your adventures, and create amazing memories.

A Guide to Festivals
Summer Holiday Tech
A Summer of Sport
Where to go Camping
A Guide to Marathons

Tech for Winter

Crisp mornings, dark evenings snuggled up on the sofa, and the festivities of Christmas call for tech to keep you warm and create the perfect atmosphere. From portable heaters to warm frozen toes, to great Christmas gift ideas for the whole family.
Christmas Lighting Guide
Halloween Party Ideas
Bad Weather Guide
Christmas Party Planner
Extreme Weather Guide
Magic Ideas for Christmas Day
Ski Resort Guide
The Benefits of using a SAD lamp
Christmas gift ideas