• Protect your network with automatic security updates
  • Eliminate slow internet in your home with Google Home Wifi
  • Parental controls allow you to pause your children’s internet and give them a break
  • Receive 24/7 support through text or phone
  • Two Google WiFi points are perfect for larger homes
  • Sleek and stylish design fits seamlessly into any room

Your simple home WiFi
For a quick and easy home WiFi solution that works with your modem and internet service provider, replace your router with a Google WiFi point. An upgrade from traditional routers and range extenders, you’ll get both great speed and boosted coverage throughout your home.

Add as many WiFi points as you need to extend coverage throughout your home. You’ll stay connected as you move from room to room, as Google WiFi points connect seamlessly to each other to give your devices the fastest signal possible.

Google security at home
Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re browsing safely and securely as all communication between devices on your network is encrypted. A team of dedicated engineers guarantee Google WiFi is updated automatically to combat constantly evolving security challenges.

Stay in control with the App
Google Wifi is set up and controlled through the Google Wifi mobile app (available on iOs and android), which can be accessed wherever you are in the world. See what devices are connected to your WiFi network and manage existing connections in an instant. Scheduled in for an important video call? Simply prioritise the device when it matters the most.

You can even set up parental controls; if it’s family time, dinnertime or lights out you can control when they access the internet. Share your WiFi network with friends and family using guest access or even prioritise devices to benefit from greater speeds.

Benefit from the best speeds
Network assist technology will be working in the background to deliver you the fastest internet speeds. It selects the best WiFi pathway so you will be benefitting from the fastest possible speeds whilst connected to your devices. If you have more than one Google Wifi point, Google Wifi will connect you to the closest point meaning you enjoy consistent speeds throughout your home

Easy to set up
Simple to set up, you sign into the Google Wifi app through your Google account and the app will guide you through installation. Choose any Wifi point, plug it in and connect it to your modem then wait for the light to go blue on your Google Wifi point. The app will then guide you step by step through installation once you have scanned the QR code on the base of your point. Setting up additional Wifi points is just as easy as the initial set up, for ultimate optimisation place each point about two rooms apart.

If you need additional units to further cut out the dead zones in your home, you can opt for another Single Pack or Double Pack

Form FactorDesktop
Case ColourWhite
Dimensions10.61cm (W) x 10.61cm (D) x 6.87cm (H) - Weight 0.34kg
Wireless LAN
RF Network StandardIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Frequency Band2.4GHz 5GHz
RJ-45 Ports2 x RJ-45
DC Power1 x USB Type-C Male