• Control additional heating zones from your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Connects to your existing Hive Active Heating pack (not included) to give you coverage in extra zones
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo
  • There’s no need to switch energy supplier
  • Works with your existing boiler
  • Save money by only heating the zones you need
  • Set different temperatures for each thermostat
  • Supports wet underfloor heating

What can the Hive Active Heating Multizones do?
Use your mobile or tablet to heat different areas of your home separately. The Hive Active Heating Multizone is the perfect addition to your Hive Active Heating system especially if you have more than one thermostat. You can save money by only heating the areas of your house that you need, or choose to have different areas hotter or cooler to suit your preference. Hive even supports wet underfloor heating – one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home.

How easy is it to set up?
The Hive Active Heating™ Multizone (no installation) is an upgrade to your existing Hive Active Heating system. You can pair it to the Hive hub you received in the starter kit to get up and running in no time. The kit comes with a thermostat to connect to your existing heater, and a receiver to let it talk to your Hive hub. You can use the Hive Active Heating system with a wide range of gas and LPG systems, and some electric boilers, and you don’t need to be a British Gas customer for them to come and install it. The Hive Active Heating Multizone is powered by four AA batteries (included).

The Hive Active Heating system must be installed by a qualified professional – installation is not included in this kit


Form FactorThermostat
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)