Automatic frost protection which will switch the heating on as soon as it drops below 7C to help prevent your pipes from freezing
Boost your heating and hot water for up to 6 hours when you need to
Includes professional installation by a British Gas engineer, regardless of who supplies your energy
Heating and hot water schedules to fit with your life set up to 6 daily time slots
If you have a hot water tank, control your hot water too
Up to six programmable daily heating events to ensure your home is warm when you arrive
Put Hive to sleep while youre away with Holiday Mode and always come home to a warm home
Use your phone or the wireless thermostat while youre at home to control the functions
Control your heating at home or from your mobile, tablet or laptop
Youll never need to heat an empty home again you could save up to 130 a year on your heating bills


Control your home with Hive
Take control of your heating and hot water anytime, anywhere. Hive makes controlling your heating and hot water easy at home or from your mobile, tablet or laptop. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows device The next generation Hive brings you beautiful design, intuitive control and easy to use features.

Hive compatibilty
Hive will work with a wide range of central heating systems. It works with the vast majority of UK gas and LPG heating systems as well as electric boilers. The professionally installed version of Hive Active Heating is not compatible with oil heating systems. To install Hive on an oil heating system you would have to purchase the self install version.

Installation included
Hive comes with installation from a British Gas engineer, no matter who supplies your energy. When you receive your Hive you’ll find your thermostat and a voucher code in the box. You can use the voucher code online to book your installation. The British Gas engineer will bring the rest of the Hive kit (receiver and hub) with them on the day and it will only take around 90 minutes to install.


Form FactorThermostat
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)