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Accessory kit for Osmo Pocket camera
Includes the Controller Wheel for precise gimbal control
Wireless Module provides Wireless connection for remote control
The Accessory Mount offers a Universal Port for accessories
32GB Samsung microSD Card
Suction Cup Mount for Action Cam and Camera
700mm cup
Attach your camera to vehicles, boards, helmets
Tripod Attachment
Ships with iPhone/Smartphone holder to enable panoramic time lapse photography using a smartphone with apps such as Time Lapse Pro or Glimpse Pro.
Create 90° degree (15 minutes), 180° degree (30 minutes), 270° degree (45 minutes), 360° degree (60 minutes) sweeping time-lapse films.
Standard 1/4 -20 UNC female tripod screw thread for mounting on Veho DuoPod tripod & others
Create 90° degree, 180° degree, 270° degree, 360° degree panoramic pictures.
Mount cameras up to 750 grams on the standard 1/4 -20 UNC male tripod screw thread.
FUJIFILM X Lens mount
Large APS-C CMOS image sensor
Approx. 24.2 megapixels
Hybrid phase and contrast detection auto focus
11 digital Film Simulation modes
Electronic Viewfinder
Pivots up to 90 degrees
For G1X II
Genuine Canon Accessory
USB interface cable
For connecting to the WFT-E7
Length Approx. 4.9 ft
Genuine Canon Accessory
USB interface cable
To connect to a computer or other USB device
Length Approx. 13.1 ft
Genuine Canon Accessory
DC Coupler for EOS M3
Provide uninterrupted power
Genuine Canon Accessory
Focusing Screen
Standard Precision Matte screen
Finer microlens structure for optimum focusing
Genuine Canon Accessory
Replacement focusing screen
For the EOS-1D X Mark II
Microlens structure provides optimum focusing
Easy to remove scratched or unclean screen and replace
Installation tool included
Eg-A Focusing Screen
Interchangeable focusing screen
Standard Precision Matte screen
Designed to maximize viewfinder brightness
Off-Camera Shoe Cord for Speedlite flash
Position the flash away form the camera
Allows fully automatic E-TTL II flash metering
Genuine Canon Accessory
Made specifically for Osmo Pocket
Set includes ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 Filters
A combination of various filters gives you more creative freedom
High-quality, light-reducing material
A magnetic design makes it easy to change between ND filters
Compact Video Light
Pure daylight balanced light
24 Power LEDs
160 lx of illumination at 1m
Powered by 2x AAA batteries
Unique triangle knitting structure
Microfibre cloth
Excellent water absorbing power
Convert 135 slides and 135/110/126 negatives into digital images
Optional USB connection compatible with Mac/PC for easy file transfer
Stand-alone portable design with no computer or software required
Small/lightweight with built-in 2.4” TFT LCD screen, one touch scanning and Tacton rubber touch finish
Instant preview and built-in auto-exposure, colour balance and other image enhancements
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-20 of 31


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