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RasPiO InsPiRing - Programmable RGB LED shapes - Circle + driver

Programmable RGB LED boards which can connect together to make whatever 2D or 3D shape you want.
Controllable by Virtually any Platform
Each shape has at least one set of inputs and outputs so they can be daisy-chained together.
All the boards are based on 1cm LED spacing and 10cm side

iFixit iFixit Mako - 64 Bit Driver Kit

The specially-designed case conveniently holds and displays all the contents in high-density foam.
This bit kit contains bits to repair cell phones, game consoles, wearables, laptops, desktops, tablets, small appliances, and much more!
Textured precision zone for delicate screw turning
Ergonomic Aluminum Handle provides plenty of torque and grip with swivel cap and magnetized bit holder.
The lid of the case features an integrated sorting tray.

AB Electronics Expander Pi

Real time Clock (RTC) with CR2032 battery holder.
8 channel 12 bit resolution analogue input (ADC)
2 channel 12 bit resolution digital to analogue output (DAC)
16 channel digital input / outputs

Pi Supply SNESPi Raspberry Pi Gaming Bundle with NES Classic USB Gamepads

This kit includes the classic SNESPi Case
Ultimate retro Raspberry Pi gaming bundle
Two NES classic styled gamepads which turns the Raspberry Pi into a fully fledged DIY games console

Yubikey 4 Nano USB Auth Device

Works instantly with no need to re-type passcodes
FIDO U2F & smart card authenticator
One-touch login for Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox

AB Electronics ADC Pi

Jumper selectable I2C addresses
8 x 17-bit 0 to 5V Single Ended Inputs
On-Board Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA): Gains of 1, 2, 4 or 8
Based on the MCP3424 from Microchip Technologies Inc
Single Ended full-scale range of 5.0V

Pi Supply Flick Zero - 3D Tracking & Gesture pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero

One line installer
Touch and Tap sensing
Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2B, 3B and 3B+ and all other Raspberry Pi boards with 40 GPIO pins (or compatible boards).
Gesture sensing up to 15cm
Communicates with the Raspberry Pi via I2C

MonkMakes Relay for micro:bit

Resettable polyfuse to protect against over-current
Active LED indicator
Solid-sate relay (up to 2 Amps)

Pi Supply PaPiRus HAT Case

Can be wall mounted
4 button actuators allow you to use the programmable buttons on the PaPirus HAT without the need to open up the case
All ports on the PaPiRus HAT and Raspberry Pi are accessible
Comes with 4 x rubber feet
A clear transparent top allows you to keep an eye on your ePaper project

SB Components Black Case for BBC micro:bit

Full access to the A and B buttons on the BBC micro:bit
Full access to pins and connections including the micro USB connector
Provides excellent protection to the micro:bit whilst allowing access to the bottom pins
Clear case shows on-board LEDs for added functionality
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Items 1-10 of 128