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RasPiO InsPiRing - Programmable RGB LED shapes - Circle + driver

Programmable RGB LED boards which can connect together to make whatever 2D or 3D shape you want.
Controllable by Virtually any Platform
Each shape has at least one set of inputs and outputs so they can be daisy-chained together.
All the boards are based on 1cm LED spacing and 10cm side

AB Electronics Expander Pi

Real time Clock (RTC) with CR2032 battery holder.
8 channel 12 bit resolution analogue input (ADC)
2 channel 12 bit resolution digital to analogue output (DAC)
16 channel digital input / outputs

MonkMakes Speaker for micro:bit

Amplified output
Reverse polarity protection
LED power on indicator

AB Electronics Servo PWM Pi Zero

The PCA9685 contains 5 I2C address selection pins
Output frequency is programmable from a typical 40Hz to 1000Hz
16-channel, 12-bit PWM controller for the Raspberry Pi

Pi Supply PiCrust ProtoHAT

The Pi Crust ProtoHAT has a grid of prototyping soldering holes for attaching chips
We break out nearly every pin you could want to connect to the Raspberry Pi.
The holes are connected underneath with traces to mimic the solderless breadboards

Pi Supply Flick Large - Standalone 3D Tracking and Gesture Breakout

Orange/green dual colour LED on board
Full software libraries (fully open-source code)
Level shifting chip to enable board to work with 3V3 or 5V0 power and logic
Gesture sensing up to 15cm
3D tracking

AB Electronics 1 Wire Pi Zero

Buffered 5V I2C port
External 5V power input for 1-Wire interface
I2C address selection via solder jumpers
1-Wire to I2C host interface with ESD protection diode
Stackable with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards

AB Electronics Serial Pi Plus

Control the Raspberry Pi over RS232 or connect to external serial accessories.
Stackable with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards.
RS232 Master Port.
Mounting holes for use with the AB Electronics UK mounting kits (sold separately)

Pi Supply Ryanteck RTk.GPIO (PC GPIO Interface)

Adds 28 GPIO to your computer
Use it to control LEDs, Add a LCD display to your computer, control a robot or more! (Example projects require other components to create.)
Compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10. OSX 10.11, macOS 10.12, Ubuntu 16.04, Raspbian & other major linux distributions.
Ideal for learning about electronics using real-world inputs & outputs.
Compatible with most Raspberry Pi add-ons that use GPIO, this device is ideal to use with your exsisting add-ons, HATs or pHATs.

AB Electronics IO Pi Plus

Based on the MCP23017 from Microchip Technologies Inc
Polarity Inversion register to configure the polarity of the input port data
External 5V Input with isolation solder jumper
Solder jumper selectable I2C addresses
Configurable interrupt output pins - Configurable as active-high, active-low or open-drain
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Items 1-10 of 22