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Looking for Home & Office improvements? You've come to the right place. Whether it's shopping for a pragmatic Energy solution or a more simple case of cable management, we've got a range to suit your every need.

Brackets & Wall Mounts - Are you considering buying a new TV wall mount? Or have you just bought a new TV and now you’re wondering how to get the best set up? We know the location of your TV can make the difference between an amazing viewing experience and a sore neck.

Home, Leisure & Travel - If you find yourself on the go regularly, you've come to the right place. Shop our Home, Leisure and Travel range for all of your essentials. Whether it's a Torch, Travel Adapter or Flight Case we've got a huge range ready to go.

Extension Leads & Surge Protectors - Need an inverter, extension lead or Remote Controlled Mains Plug? We've got it. Shop our extensive range and find the right cable to suit all your needs.

Power Supplies - Whether you're looking for DC Power Supplies, USB Plugs & Charging Stations, a Laptop Power Supply, a charger for your Tablet, Mobile Phone, or even a new Wireless Charger, we're sure to have what you need to give your devices the juice they need.

Office Supplies & Furniture - Shopping for an ergonomic standing desk? We've got just what you'll need. Find a variety of products ranging from Fans & Heaters to Office Supplies amongst our tailored Office Supplies and Furniture selection.

Phones - Struggling to get to grips with your shiny new device, how about a gentle nudge in the right direction with our Easy Steps guides. If you're looking for a vintage-esque chic rotary phone try our Landline Phone selection. We've got a huge range to expand, repair or simplify your mobile phones practicality, whether it's a repair kit or an attachable Kodak Smart Lens. Don't forget to stay powered up, with our range of high quality USB cables brought to you by Maplin we have the right cable for your handset.

Want to savour moments in true Polaroid style? We've got an impressive range of Mobile Printers, simply select your images and print straight away from your pocket sized printer; bringing you the best from Kodak, Canon, Polaroid and Fujifilm.

Energy - At Maplin we believe in being conscious about renewable energy and the well-being and sustainability of our planet. That's why we've got an extensive sustainable energy range and ready to be shopped. Whether it's Solar Power, Thermostats, Solar Powered Lights or Wind Power our products will provide an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to your conventional energy supply.

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