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Headphone Socket: 3.5mm
Discriminator: Ferrous/Non-Ferrous/Aluminium
Batteries: 2 x 9 V PP3 (Not Supplied)
Currently out of stock
Metal detector for junior treasure hunters!
Audio and visual signals indicate proximity of possible find
Built-in LED torch function allows for searching to extend into the evening period
Adjustable handle offers maximum comfort for the user
Waterproof coil allows for searching in shallow water
ABS Construction
Light weight 430g with battery
Detectable Indication: Alarm Buzzer / Vibration / Ear Phone (included)
Power by 9V battery ( included )
Object Detectable: Aluminum, copper, iron & rare metals
Metal detector for keen amateur treasure hunters
Powerful 8" serch coil offers excellent sensitivity
Exclude certain metals or search for a specific type. The choice is yours
Ergonomic design and padded handle allow for extended searching periods
Waterproof coil allows for searching in shallow water
Headphone jack
Tune Control
Extending 570-880 m
Volume Control
Ferrous/Non-Ferrous discriminator
Audible and light target indicators plus built-in torch
Waterproof detection probe with adjustable sensitivity
Supplied with a smart faux leather case
Can also be used to detect metal pipes/wiring in walls
Lightweight, portable device for all environments
Currently out of stock
Robust Design
Ideal added accessory for any metal detector kit
Great for Outdoor Activities
Ideal for examining potential treasure
Three Tone Audio Discrimination
Adjustable Stem with Weatherproof search coil
Analogue Display Shows the type of metal detected
Headphone Jack Socket (Headphones Not Supplied)
Currently out of stock
Stereo headphones with 3.5mm Jack
Accessory kit compatible with most metal detectors
Compatible with most Metal Detectors
Inc. Robust Double Stitched Carry Bag
Metal Folding Pick / Shovel. Breaks down to a compact kit
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9 Items

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