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Monster Power Core 600 USB + AV Extension Cable - UK

Number of sockets:6 USB:USB 2.0 x 2 Amps:13
Surge protection up to 1440 Joules
Protection for 2 F-Pin satellite or aerial connections

Monster Power Core 400 USB + AV Extension Cable- UK

Our surge protectors include Monster Clean Power technology to help ensure that your components perform at peak levels
Extreme Power 400UK gives you 612 Joules of protection for anywhere in your home
Direct USB Charging

Monster Power Core 800 USB + AV Extension Cable - UK

Includes AV antenna connections for added protection against surges via aerials and satellite dishes
Power filtration helps remove interference from mains power and improve picture and sound
918 joules of protection
Fireproof MOV power protection protects your home, not just your equipment
Dual surge protected USB charging outputs for smartphones and tablets
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3 Items