• Off-grid Solar Power Station requires no mains connection
  • Delivers 250 watt hours per day
  • Provides 230 AC power for appliances like TV's, computers, fridges, portable devices etc.
  • Plug and play assembly
  • Solar panel delivers power in all weather conditions

The Hubi Solar Power Station 250 Premium is a great option for getting energy to a variety of off grid buildings including garages, workshops, glamping lodges, building site welfare units, stables, agricultural buildings, garden sheds, beach huts and even for use in the home during a power cut.


Simple to install, the Solar Power Station come fully assembled and supplied with a solar panel and ground mount stand.

The Solar Power Station has inbuilt technologies to protect the battery from overcharging and discharging, voltage modifiers (5v / 12v DC and 230v AC) and a dashboard fitted with numerous output sockets all individually switched and an internal solar battery. An inbuilt power meter shows available power.

The kit contains all the necessary parts to produce your own power within one hour from new. 

The main power box is supplied with a 42Ah lead acid solar battery and a 60W solar panel. This means there will be 250wh of power available per 24 hour period. The solar panel will charge this battery from flat to full in just over 4 hours of sunny weather or slightly longer in overcast weather, depending on the time of year. The Premium 250 is the perfect choice for a summer house or hobby room if power needs are limited to lighting, mobile device charging and occasional use of mains devices such as laptops etc.