• Easy access integrated app
  • Quick to install
  • AirBnB Connect
  • Secure & without WiFi - works offline
  • Bluetooth keys, PIN codes, RFID tags & stickers / physical keys

Superior security and cutting-edge technology now comes in a premium form. The Igloohome Smart Mortise 2 Lockset is manufactured in the best factories in Korea, making it outstanding in quality and jam-packed with smart features you never thought you needed.

Unlock with PIN codes, Bluetooth keys on your smartphone, or key tags and stickers. You’ll have a way of entering your home that best suits your needs. 

The Smart Mortise has also been helmed as ‘Best Mortise Lock’ by The Wall Street Journal. 

No more missing keys or accidental lockouts, gone are the days where you fumble for keys in front of your door; it’s fuss-free living with seamless security. Our locks work without an Internet connection too, increasing its reliability against WiFi hacking. You’ll always have access to your home. 

Grant access to your home even when you’re away. Be it for holidays, work trips, or even just out to run errands, you may have guests to let it at any point in time. Set the duration of PIN codes and Bluetooth keys to give access to your property, and also ensure it’s kept secure after they leave.

Unlike conventional smart or digital locks, there’s no need to be near your Mortise to set up PIN codes for your guests. Thanks to our proprietary algoPIN™ technology, you can quickly generate access codes on the go. 

Access at your fingertips. All igloohome devices work with the igloohome mobile app. You can manage access to your property anytime, anywhere. 

1. Grant access anytime, anywhere.
Via the mobile app, you can send PIN codes and Bluetooth keys from wherever you are. Our unique algoPIN™ technology makes this possible with bank-level security, so you don’t have to be near the lock to grant access to those who need it.

2. Greater peace of mind.
Unlike conventional locks, the igloohome mobile app allows you to track dates and times at which visitors enter your home. Activity logs provide greater visibility for greater peace of mind. 

3. Safeguard your home. 
Choose from One-Time, a duration, recurring or permanent PIN codes. Time-sensitive access ensures that your home will always be kept safe. You can also view activity logs to see who, when and how the Mortise was unlocked. 
*PIN code logs are updated when the master owner unlocks the Mortise via a Bluetooth key. Bluetooth access is updated in real-time.