• 10 preset cooking modes
  • Variable temperature control & Dehydration function
  • 16L cooking capacity with range of accessories
  • Ability to set cooking in advance up to 24 hours
  • Digital one-touch control panel on front and knob on top

The Multi-Purpose Air Fryer comes with an LED touch panel with pre-sets for maximum simplicity. It offers a multitude of different cooking options such as Air Frying and a Rotating Basket for perfect chips, to Crisper Trays and a Rotisserie Skewer for amazing deli-quality rotisserie Chicken. The Innoteck 6-In-1 16L Digital Air Fryer Oven is the perfect all-in-one cooking appliance for busy families that don’t want to compromise on food quality because of a hectic lifestyle. Cooks amazing chips and fries with minimal oil and fantastic roast potatoes. You even have the dehydration feature for fruit to give a spin to your morning yoghurt.