• Wireless presentation remote with Laser-free Digital Pointer
  • Will not wash out on TV displays or bright LED screens
  • Virtual Pointer Technology allows pointer to be viewed on a variety of presentation screens simultaneously
  • Online Meeting Compatibility allows remote participants to see the pointer onscreen when using web meeting
  • KensingtonWorks™ Software enables customization of pointer size, shape and speed to suit your presentation style
  • Ergonomist Approved Design
  • 2.4GHz Receiver with MicroSD Card provides up to 20 meters (65ft) of wireless range, expandability to 32GB of memory,
  • Windows® & Mac® Compatible to support PowerPoint®, Keynote®, Adobe® PDF & Google® Slides

Laser-Free Pointer
The laser-free digital pointer can be seen clearly on any presentation screen, including traditional projection screens, TV displays, LED screens, and smart boards. The Kensington Ultimate Presenter with Virtual Pointer overcomes limitations and concerns of traditional laser pointers such as being washed out on brightly backlit displays or a potential safety hazard.

Virtual Pointer Technology
Virtual digital pointer technology works like a wireless mouse – the pointer on the Ultimate Presenter orients to the center of the screen at first click and moves relative to your hand movement, allowing you to present from anywhere in the room and eliminating the need to point directly at a presentation screen. Additionally, the pointer can be seen on multiple presentation screens simultaneously. The Ultimate Presenter is the ideal presentation tool for conference rooms and auditoriums with multiple display screens or online meetings with remote audiences.

Versatile Tool for Dynamic Interactive Presentations
The Ultimate Presenter can point to a specific location on the screen, magnify to zoom in on detailed slide content, or mouse click to play a video or open a web link.

KensingtonWorks™ Software
Personalize your presentations by customizing the size, color, shape, and speed of your virtual pointer to suit your presentation environment. Upload a custom image or logo to give your presentations that extra special touch. Add additional options, such as configuring the blackout button to start and end the slide show, to suit your presentation style.

Ergonomist Approved Design
Designed to maximize your comfort, the contoured shape reduces wrist twist and features an intuitive 4-button clicker to simplify your learning curve.

2.4GHz Receiver with MicroSD Card
Offering you a plug & play user experience, the receiver fits any standard USB port, provides up to 20 meters (65ft) of wireless range and includes a MicroSD Card to store your presentations or additional files. For optimal wireless range, plug receiver directly into a host presentation device (e.g. laptop, desktop PC). The actual wireless range may vary with users’ configuration and environmental conditions.

Works with both Windows and Mac. Supports leading presentation software, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe PDF, and Google Slide to provide flexibility in your digital world. Allows remote participants to see the pointer onscreen when using online web meeting tools like WebEx®, GoToMeeting®, Skype™, and join.me®

Power and Storage
The Ultimate Presenter runs on two standard AAA batteries (included) and ships with a convenient storage pouch for transporting and protection.

Form FactorRemote Control
Pack Quantity1
In The BoxPresenter 2.4GHz Receiver MicroSD Card
Dimensions3.3cm (W) x 20.3cm (D) x 13.3cm (H) - Weight 0.1kg
Distributor NumbersVow Code: AC51209