• Advanced Biped Gait Algorithm to allow walking
  • STEM Programming to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Gesture Command
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • Built-in precise IR sensing module
  • Multi-mode interaction
  • Programmable Humanoid Robot
  • Powerful Servo Motor
  • IR sensor based obstacle avoidance

Good things come in small packages, the Leju Robotics Pando - STEM Programmable Humanoid Robot is the next generation of entertaining robot friend, with upgraded systems, designed to stimulate and excite. Pando gives children the opportunity to really create, from the ground up a challenging and exciting new experience with their Pando friend. The cute mini humanoid robot with rich body actions and facial expressions that keeps your kids entertained and teaches them a thing or two about technology. It comes with an intuitive programming UI for new actions. Pando has an IR sensing module and an advanced algorithm to avoid obstacles and follow your gesture commands.

Emotional Interaction
Multi-mode interaction approach Pando with you. Pando will react to you with rich body actions and vivid facial expressions by touching. The more times you touch, The happier Pando becomes.

Programming Learning
With concise and human-friendly programming UI, you help Pando to DIY new action and task program. Meanwhile, on-line tasks challenging also enhance you to unlock more wonderful application in the APP.

Multi-points Sensing
Multi-Points touch functions ensure you have more DIY interaction with Pando, especially in the mode of STEM programming.

Intelligent Control
Built-in precise IR sensing module and advanced algorithm, Pando becomes more and more intelligent, not only follow your gesture commands but also accomplish obstacle avoidance easily.

Gesture Command
Gesture command will make Pando follow your gesture to move. Your robot will behave more like a human friend, but you also become one magical master.

Emoticon Design
Pando is the next step in human Robot interactions, he can communicate with emotional responses thanks to his wonderfully adorable facial expressions. You will always know what Pando is thinking due to a wide range of facial expressions.

STEM Programming
Our goals are to educate the children of tomorrow, and with that in mind, we have provided an APP based on Googles Blockly programming language for children to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Pando is not only a smart toy but an expert teacher!

Obstacle Avoidance
Pando has integrated advanced IR sensor-based obstacle avoidance. He will be able to "see objects in his path, and take the necessary actions to avoid them, bringing Pando one step closer to a truly human-like robot.


Form FactorRobot
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)