• Control Powerman in all directions with the remote
  • Interactive - Robot who speaks, sings dance, plays music with lots of sound and light effects!
  • Education - Answer his riddles adapted to 4-7 years and become unbeatable on numbers, animals and many other fascinating themes!
  • Story Talk - Check out POWERMAN®'s fabulous La Fontaine Fables and hilarious jokes
  • Remote Control - Powerman control, forward, backward, right, left, it moves in all directions!

The Lexibook ROB20EN Powerman Junior Educational Robot, the explorer robot that reads in the mind. Powerman Junior is an intelligent robot exploring our wonderful planet: the Earth! He is fascinated by biodiversity, and has already met (and caressed) many animals!

As a fluent English speaking robot, he will share with you his knowledge, but also full of other tricks that will make the whole family laugh! His cute design comes with several lights and sounds effects. Thanks to his handful functionalities, he will be the best friend of children, boys, and girls, from 4 to 7 years!

Choose an animal, he will guess it!
Powerman Jr. reads in the mind thanks to his artificial intelligence! He knows a lot of animals, will you find any he doesn't know yet?

1st step: Think of an animal you know. Do you lack any ideas? Ask your family or friends! Otherwise, an explorer's guide is provided to help you.

Then, Powerman Jr. will then ask you questions to answer with “yes”, “no” or “I do not know / it depends”. For example :

Is this animal very very ugly?

Is it a feline?

Does it like to live where it's snowy?

Once you have answered his questions, he will try to guess the animal you are thinking about: dog, cat, unicorn, sloth, lion, octopus... a real challenge to find an animal he doesn't know!

With remote control
Control him in all directions with his infrared remote control. A real remote-controlled toy!

It’s a marvel of technology, with his tactile sensor. Touch the top of his head, and he will react!

Learn animal sounds with him
Powerman Junior also includes a quiz mode. It will reproduce an animal sound, and you'll have to guess which one it is! The otter, the panda, the walrus, the wildebeest, a learning game both educational and very funny!

He repeats after you…
Press the record & playback button and he will repeat after you with his hilarious robot voice! He will even remember the sentences you teach him, and will reuse them later!

….and can also sing!
With the karaoke function, he will also repeat while singing and moving!

Program it!
As a true STEM toy, you can program up to 40 actions that Powerman Jr. will reproduce on demand!

Perfect to discover programming and develop your logic and thinking!

Create your dances!
He plays music and dance! And within the programming function, you can even add music to record your own choreographies! 9 melodies available with different styles (techno, pop, groove, country ..)!

Includes a leaflet to discover animals!
With the explorer’s guide, discover the different types of animals: reptiles, mammals... and learn notions such as cold and warm-blooded or vertebrate and invertebrate animals!

The perfect gift
Kids love robots, and this one is among the hottest toys for Christmas, birthday and any other gift occasions! With its endless functionalities, it will ensure the best value for money, with hours of play for all children from 4 to 7 years!