• 2900 Watts of audio power
  • USB / Aux-in
  • 2 speaker setup with a subwoofer for epic sound
  • Sing your heart out with Karaoke mode
  • Party Accelerator ramps up the energy with a light show

Pump up the party with this LG CL88 XBOOM Wireless Megasound HiFi System. It uses the 2 built-in speakers to create 2900 Watts of power for crisp, clear sound that’ll have everyone bopping along. You can even DJ from the middle of the dancefloor, since it connects to your TV and phone using Bluetooth. When the night’s well on the way, everyone can sing their hearts out with the karaoke mode – perfect for getting that embarrassing video to send in the group chat in the morning. Plus, the lights even pulse to the rhythm of the music, which is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood for boogie.

Build up to the ultimate bass drops
Make music more interesting with the party accelerator. Once you’ve picked your track, just push the accelerator lever forward to build the beat up to a big drop. The result of this is a crazy party atmosphere that’s bound to get everyone pulling out all their best moves.

Mix up your favourite tracks
Every good party needs it own DJ, and with the free LG app you can do it all from your phone. Once you’ve got your playlist going, you can use effects to loop or delay parts of the song, as well as much more. And the best part is, you can experiment from the dancefloor, so you don’t have to miss out on your own party.

Liven up the party
With multicoloured lighting, you won’t be able to resist hitting the dancefloor. The lights will sync in time with the music, changing colours on the beat and transforming your front room into the best club in town. So, when it comes round to the next family event, people will be begging you to host again.

A speaker with many uses
When you’re fancying a quiet night in, you can even use this with your TV. By wirelessly connecting it to your LG model via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality sound in whatever you’re watching without the mess of any cables. So, whether you’ve decided on a family movie night, or you’re snuggling up with a boxset, the crisp-clear audio that this speaker creates will wrap you up in all the action.