• Bluetooth app allows real time view of battery data
  • Equivalent usable power to a 120Ah lead acid battery
  • 2750 charge cycles
  • Charge via any main charger, alternator or solar panel
  • 257.5 x 175 x 190mm

This advanced Lifos 68Ah Lithium Battery LiFEPO4 battery provides the same useable power as a 120Ah lead acid battery but with a weight reduction of 27kgs. Its 2/3rds the size and last over 6 times longer. Plus, the Lifos battery is totally safe and does not emit any noxious gasses so it does not need to be positioned in a sealed container.
Lifos can be connected in series and / or parallel (max 4) to create a powerful battery bank. A free to download Bluetooth app gives user real time battery charging data.
Supplied with removable clamp terminals and a 5 year warranty.
Battery SizeOther
Form FactorBattery
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)
Battery Capacity68000mAh