• Works with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant / Apple HomeKit
  • Mimics a candle
  • Tuneable from amber (1500K) to ice white (9000K)
  • Flicker effect in LIFX App
  • Control from anywhere - no bridge or hub required

The LIFX Candle White WiFi LED Smart Bulb is a smart, simple, bright, tuneable white "candle" lightbulb to both refresh and relax your home at the right time. It's compatible with all the major voice platforms, and with Wi-Fi you don't need a bridge or hub to set it up. No extra bits of hardware will be cluttering up your surfaces - every bulb works straight out of the box. What's more, LIFX is a premium partner to the major smart home players so as well as Alexa, Google and Apple HomeKit advanced features, these lights integrate with Samsung SmartThings and more.