• Replaces existing boiler switch
  • Access and control your heating (requires LightwaveRF thermostat)
  • Compatible with different systems - can be used for single or multizonal systems (requires LightwaveRF radiator valve)
  • Control from anywhere via Apple, Android, Windows devices through the app over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (requires LightwaveRF Wi-Fi link)

What does the LightwaveRF Boiler Switch do?

The Lightwave Smart Heating Boiler Switch - White is part of Lightwave home automation range. It is designed to function exclusively with the LightwaveRF smart thermostat. The thermostat communicates via RF (radio frequency) to remotely control the activity of the boiler switch, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat’s settings.

Will the Lightwave Boiler Switch work with my existing system?

The Lightwave boiler switch is compatible with different systems and setups. It can be used to replace the existing switch on standard combi boilers, whether they are Y, S or multi-zone systems. Any setup of a Lightwave boiler switch requires the Lightwave smart thermostat, as the boiler switch is essentially a receiver and does not function independently.

Multizone boilers require additional boiler switches for each zone, alternatively multi-zone central heating can be achieved with the use of Lightwave radiator valve .

How do I install the device?

The LightwaveRF boiler switch is a direct replacement to the basic time clock or blanking plate. The boiler switch must be installed with compliance with the guidance provided in the current IEE Wiring Regulations and current Building Regulations. The installation of the boiler switch includes connecting a selection of wires inside the boiler and wiring up power to the boiler switch itself.

Once installed it only needs to be paired with the Lightwave thermostat, which can be linked within minutes, providing you with a reliable and affordable solution to smart heating.


Form FactorElectrcial Monitoring Unit
Case ColourWhite
Wireless Communication
Wireless TypeRadio Frequency
Wireless Frequency868MHz